An addition of new airline, Serene Air, will be added very soon in the aviation of Pakistan, reported by ProPakistani. The airline is expected to start the domestic flight operations in Pakistan in the near future.

The timeframe of the launch is not yet confirmed; however, the company is actively looking for an appropriate time to begin the operation in the country. As per the rules, the airline will initially start with nationwide flight operations before moving to international routes.

According to the sources, initially Serene Air will be operating with at least 3 B737-800 (NG) aircrafts. The new airline has already obtained a Regular Public Transport (RPT) license from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The RPT license is provided by CAA to airlines for domestic operations.

Moving forward

One of the vital plans of Serene Air is to expand its wing internationally. The company inevitably aims to start international flight operations in 2 years. It is pertinent to mention that it is a pre-requisite for new airlines to complete at least 2 years of domestic flight operations. Thereafter, new airlines are entitled to launch international flights.

Moreover, Serene Air is also looking to increase its fleet with the inclusion of at least 2 aircraft within first 2 years of operations.

The new airline has already secured its newest B737s from Boeing. Following are some of the snaps:





Serene Air’s B737-800 NG aircraft flying out of Renton (Washington, US), the home of Boeing.

Image source: Huy Do