According to a report by Oxfam International, Pakistan has been declared as one of the largest hosts for refugees in the world despite limited resources.

An investigation was conducted by the agency which stated on Tuesday more than 50% of the world’s refugees and asylum seekers are hosted by Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey and held Palestine. The listed countries account for less than 2% of the world’s economy but that doesn’t cease them from allowing refugees in their countries.

Richest countries host less than 9% refugees in the world

In another revelation made by Oxfam International, it was reported that the six most richest and developed countries including China, France, Germany, Japan, United States of America, China (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) host less than 9% asylum seekers in their countries.

These aforementioned countries account for more than 50% of the world’s economy and despite that these nations took 2.1 million refugees and asylum seekers in their country during 2015 which makes only 8.88% of the total in the world.

The gap between these two set of countries is around 42% which needs to be bridged. Remarkably, the countries that are hosting most number of refugees are underdeveloped or in the developing phase and they are sharing most of the responsibility in this regard.

Oxfam International also reported that there is a prominent gap between poorest and richest countries when it comes to hosting refugees and in their countries. It has also been reported that in the recent past Germany has initiated hosting more refugees in their country as compared to other richest nations.

The agency, Oxfam, urged the developed countries to share this responsibility collectively to host more refugees. Moreover, it also called on the world to assist the underdeveloped countries sheltering the major section of refugees.