The Pakistan Air Force is set to participate in an extensive aerial exercise in the United States later this month. According to the reports, teams from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel air forces will also be taking part in the Red Flag air-to-air combat exercise in Nevada.

The Aviationist, website devoted to reports on military aviation, stated that 6 Pakistani combat jets had already arrived in US. Moreover, it also reported that Pakistani aircraft will take part in both the Red Flag and Green Flag exercises.

According to the media reports of Israel, the country is sending both fighter jets and cargo planes for the exercises.

Green Flag and Red Flag exercises

Green Flag exercise prepares pilots to fight in a combined air, ground and electronic threat environment.

However, the participants simulate dogfights to develop their aviation skills in Red Flag exercise. The US Air Force describes it as its ‘premier air-to-air combat training exercise.’ This year, the US Air Force is holding 4 Red Flag exercises in Nevada.

The first one took place in January to February earlier this year. The second drill ran from February to March. Third is going to be held later this month whereas the last exercise will take place from 15th to 26th August next month.
Pakistan, UAE and Israeli air forces will also take part in the next month’s military exercise.

Combat Training Squadron commander in the US Air Force, Col. Jeffrey Weed announced:

“For the second and fourth Red Flag, we will be including foreign players. It includes the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Spain”

US took the decision to include Israel along with two Muslim countries; Pakistan and UAE. According to the military of Israel, their air force is participating as a guest.

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