Before I start on this topic, I would like to make it clear that I admire Imran Khan and believe that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the party to look out for in the next elections. I also believe that it is the only party that might actually be able to bring about some real, desirable change. Will my predictions come true? We’ll have to wait and see.

Now that that’s out of the way, on with my post…

PTI: The Good

The last year saw the rise of PTI from oblivion. The following were some of the major highlights:

  • Veteran politicians like Javed Hashmi & Shah Mahmood Qureshi joined the party
  • They managed a sit-in at the “netty” jetty in Karachi
  • One of the largest “Jalsa’s” in recent history at the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore
  • Another major “Jalsa” at the Mazar-e-Quaid

People began talking about PTI as the new face of politics and the party that is going to take Pakistan to new heights. And why not? For the first time in a long time, a party came along who’s policies and objectives actually made sense… or at least they make sense to me.

I get it when Imran says we have to spend on education, bring our relationship with the USA on even ground, break the begging bowl, bring back the wealth that was looted, etc. Why do I believe him and not the others? Well, because he actually lays out a plan to accomplish these things.

And perhaps the best thing about PTI is that it’s fresh… a breath of fresh air…

PTI: The Bad

This is the difficult part to write about. The disclaimer here is: Folks! These are just my views!

Let’s start with the moderately bad. The PTI in my view is turning out to be some kind of a celebrity (the party on a whole). With all the flashy Jalsa‘s/concerts and the persona of Imran Khan, people look upon the party as they would look up to a Pop star. But it’s not meant to be a source of entertainment people… It’s a political party! And the future of ourselves, our children, our people and our country is at stake with it!

Furthermore, it is claimed that PTI is a party with the weight and passion of the youth behind… but from what I can tell, the party representatives are all OLD people. Yes, even Imran Khan!

Okay! Maybe that last one wasn’t an actual bad, but then this is my post isn’t it? :)

Now this part, the major bad, is actually what hurts the most. Initially, PTI never had the baggage of BIG (read: bad) names to carry with it, but lately there have been certain inductions that are questionable. In Imran Khan’s defense, I believe him when he says people join only when they accept the party’s charter and accept that their previous stance(s) were wrong; but it is still something difficult to digest.

PTI: Ugly

Although vehemently denied by PTI, Imran Khan and PTI members, certain suspicions still remain as to whether this PTI ‘Tsunami’ has the blessings of the agencies.

If one was to look back at certain events and outcomes of the past year or so, there are hints that this could be possible. If this is the case, then there goes Mr. Imran’s credibility!
However, if as most people (including me) believe, there is no such backing (evident by Imran’s ferocious wrangling against the establishment) then my love for Imran and PTI remains!

In the end I would like to say to whoever, wherever, whenever…..whether PTI or otherwise…..Please save our country!

(Image Courtesy: Musti Mohsin)