China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a mega project of $46 billion taking the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and China to new heights. The project is the beginning of a journey of prosperity of Pakistan and China’s Xinjiang.

The completion date is somewhat really close. Once finished, it would be a great tonic for both China and Pakistan. It has not been easy executing the plan since there were plenty of hurdles that were faced by both countries.

The project will augment the connectivity between two countries which is 3,000 km long passage that is built along the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Rail, road, pipelines, and optical cable fiber network will streamline the region and will encourage trade between China’s Xinjiang province and Pakistan’s Gwadar port. This will pave the way for easier access to China and its Silk Road.

Managing Director of Lamudi Pakistan – the online property portal, Mr. Saad Arshad stated that:

“The Belt and Road is great for the country, already thousands of jobs have been created for Pakistani people and with greater transport infrastructure between north and south this will have a positive effect on real estate”

While recording the statement, Saad Arshad believes that the mega project will help reduce the travel distances within the country. He said that:

“Travel distances between Kashgar (city in China) and Lahore will be reduced and similarly Kashgar to Karachi, this will encourage buyers to search in alternative locations”

There were some hiccups early and people from both sides of the border recorded their protests. During the month of May, few ethnic nationalist attacked Chinese workers by a bomb. The attack took place in the southern province of Sindh but thankfully the intensity of the explosive was quite low. A pamphlet was recovered from the scene of the crime which had the signatures of Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army.

There is no doubt that the project will offer a lot of employment in the country. It has been reported that around 800,000 jobs would be created which will play some part in eradicating unemployment from the country. CPEC also seek to strengthen energy, transport, the Gwadar port and industrial cooperation but will expand to cover finance, science, technology, and education.