Pakistan lost a rare gem on 8th July 2016, when most of the people of Pakistan were celebrating the auspicious occasion of Eid on Friday night, after Abdul Sattar Edhi (who honestly doesn’t need any introduction) succumbed to kidney failure and passed away at the age of 88.

Country’s greatest philanthropist and one of the world’s recognized humanitarians sported only one pair of shoes for almost 2 decades. The great man touched plenty of lives and any adjective in his praise would simply be an understatement. Three days after the demise of fabulous human-being, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) announced to launch a commemorative coin in the honor of the great man.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in 1928. He was the founder of Edhi foundation in Pakistan. He was known as ‘Angel of Mercy’ and was considered as Pakistan’s most respected and honorable figure. To some, he was also known as ‘Father Teresa’ of Pakistan.

Governor of SBP, Mr. Ashraf Mahmood Wathra, visited Edhi’s home and made the announcement regarding the commemorative coin. No time-frame was given about the launch of the coin however. There is still no word on whether the coins will be available publicly in the Pakistani market just like any other currency. Time will reveal that later surely.

To commemorate national heroes and special occasions, SBP has so far issued 26 coins. The coins, however, are for collectors only and they are not available in the market. These coins do not become part of the regular circulation of money and a separate balance is used to keep their track unless government decides otherwise.

Abdul Sattar Edhi’s demise took the Internet by storm as almost every Pakistani as well as people residing outside the country displayed great tribute for even the great man. Some were sad and in despair while few of them were at ease in a way that Abdul Sattar Edhi spent almost all his life by serving others. Many promised to continue his mission by contributing and giving back to the community.

There was an online petition which was started by 1 supporter, S.A.Kazmi. It went bonkers on the Internet regarding naming the new Islamabad airport after Abdul Sattar Edhi. Famous Pakistani actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi, also endorsed the petition in his Facebook status.

Moreover, Pakistan Cricket team players would be sporting the logo of Edhi foundation on their official kits during Pakistan’s limited over series against England starting from next month. It will be the first time in the history of Pakistan Cricket when the team players would be wearing logos of a charitable organization on their official kits.

These are brilliant moves to remember the great man but it would be even wonderful if we could follow his principles and contribute even 5% on individual basis of what he has giving to the society. It is time to unleash the philosophies of Edhi from within. Now is the time to act.