To provide a handy and hassle free service to its customers, UK immigration system has launched its online VISA application system for the first time in Pakistan. With greater dependency of local consumers on technology and time constraints it seems yet logical for immigration service providers to save their time by providing them a convenient platform to come prepared before their appointments.

Access UK, the formal name of UK online application system, has been launched in Pakistan for all those who wish to apply for UK Visit visas. This service is not novel for many other countries but it has stepped in Pakistan for the first time.

The dynamics of this service are very simple and easy to comprehend, as the interested candidates will just have to apply and make payments online for all types of visit visa and immigration products which are currently being offered by British high Commission.

There are primarily two types of services through which a consumer can book an appointment and also pay for their application; one using standard service and other being priority service. As the name suggests both offer specific features according to the needs of various customer categories. Undoubtedly, this new service will make life easy for a candidate and expedite the entire process of Visa application. In the absence of online service processing, the entire process could be very tiresome in every step from form filling to payment submission and appointment booking. Here customers can set an appointment date according to their own convenience.

Under this program, a shorter version of the application form is also available under which relevant questions are asked based on previous answers which makes it dynamic in nature. They have tailored the service keeping in mind local customers by providing questions in Urdu but answers still have to be submitted in English Language. It will prevent customers from losing any data if they wish to fill out the form in parts as it gives an option of downloading the form which is easy to review and edit as per their convenience before final submission. Its access points are multiples including tablets and smart phones as well.

Access Visa will work for various visa categories including Standard Visitor Visa, Visitor (Marriage and Civil Partnership) Visa or Visitor (Permitted Paid Engagement) Visa.

As far as the payment method is concerned, it allows local customers to book a Visa Application Centre (VAC) appointment and also make payments online in local currency PKR through MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, PayPal and Skrill.

This service is also providing assistance to those who wish to apply for a Schengen Visa using a separate visa application form. It has a partial auto completed Schengen Application form available that can easily be downloaded and printed. The ease of access of Access Visa is eminent from its widespread usage as till date over 330,000 customers have already taken advantage from this efficient service.