1) You visit/live in Pakistan and you don’t try a paan? Impossible. Now I’m not saying that one has to get addicted to it, but there won’t be much harm in trying it at least once, right? Try it. You’ll know how good it tastes then.


2) In a country with paan kiosks scattered around, how can one possibly miss the paan-stained pavements or corners? They chew, take in the flavors and spit. Voila! Disgusting to see, but one just has to get used to seeing such a sight when in Pakistan.


3) Here’s to the mouth-watering foods/drinks that cannot be missed. Whether we’re talking about gol guppay, gola gandda, gannay ka rass, Javed ki nihari, chai from Café Piyala, channa chaat, halwa puri, Haleem etc—you will not forget their tastes for a very long time. I won’t even make an effort of translating these foods and drinks into English because the local titles suit them best.


4) So you’re roaming around in any city in Pakistan and you don’t come across these trucks or buses? Impossible! They are accessorized and painted in the most beautiful manner ever! And do keep your ears open for the jingles even while in traffic.


5) And then there’s the literature side on the streets too. If you know how to read Urdu, stay ready to read poems and quotes written on trucks and rickshaws that will leave you laughing at times. Although you may also come across poetry in English too sometimes. Whether it is maa ki duaa Jannat ki hawa or barhay hokay truck banoonga (written on rickshaws), you will get it all!


6) Here’s a promise: Our designers will give you the best when it comes to fabric shopping in summer. Not only are cities crowded with billboards advertising various lawn brands in in the season, but also jam-packed exhibitions. So here’s to something that we are definitely proud of.


7) Music on the street: Have you come across a dhol-wala in a yellow kurta and a turban on his head practicing on a pavement of a busy road? Beat that!


8) We may not be producing movies like Hollywood or Bollywood, but try to compete us when it comes to television dramas. Oh yes, they aren’t about hundreds of episodes or the same stories repeating over and over again. Nor are they about heavy jewelry or bridal dresses. We are proud of the Pakistani drama industry.


9) Have you come across thellay (hand-driven carts) selling bhuttay, limopani, kulfi, vegetables, raw fish, second-hand clothing etc? The thellay walas go around singing or screaming out loud telling the people what they are selling. These are like shops on the doorstep.


10) Hello cricket! We don’t care if our national team loses (accept on that very day). But hey, we love our mohalla (neighborhood) cricket. If one cannot understand cricket while living in Pakistan, then do ask that person: “Is everything alright with you?” Nothing better than hitting the ball towards someone’s car or house and breaking windows. And let us not forget those adults who walk out every now and then to yell at the players and also refuse to return the ball if it enters their territory.

Street Cricket