So, just a few weeks ago, finally, the latest war in Palestine has ended. 2000+ Palestinian died and less than a hundred Israeli soldiers lost their lives.

In the end, both Israel and Hamas claimed victory. Israel because it says it dismantled Hamas’s underground tunnel network and weakened the regime. Hamas because it managed to hold up the fight for so long and killed quite a few Israeli soldiers.

During the war, social media was flooded with support for Palestine, but as soon as the war ended we all chose to forget Palestine.

But the war is over, right?!

Yes it is, but the siege is not. Gaza has been under an Israeli siege for years now. The Israelis control their water supply, their food supply, who comes in and who goes out and now they have further turned the small area into rubble.

This is not the time to forget the Palestinians. This is the time to show them even more support. If the media storm did even 1% to influence the cease fire the same media could be used to help in ending the siege as well!

Keeping quiet now means we have once again let the Israelis go scott-free and get away with murder; something that they have been doing for a long time now.

Cost of rebuilding

Do you know what the estimate is to rebuild the damage done to Gaza? It’s around 6 Billion Dollars. Do you know how much the nonsensical ALS bucket challenge has helped raise in donations? More than a 100 million dollars.

Just imagine what we can do if we don’t just forget the Palestinians because the war is over and instead start a campaign to get the siege lifted or just to raise donations to reconstruct Gaza!

There is no other option

Why do you think the Palestinians decide to fight the tanks, bombers and missiles? Why get themselves massacred knowing that they can’t win? It’s simple! They have no other choice; they are dying every day anyway, without water, proper sanitation, electricity and food.  Their war is not over, its just gone silent.

We should realize that the Gazans are at war every day, fighting to live. We shouldn’t – rather can’t – forget them now! Not when they need us the most! Because the overt war garnered at least verbal support for them but this silent war leaves them to suffer and die every second of every minute of every day.

Please… Let’s NOT forget the Palestinians now!