“Mathira is a Pakistani model, singer and actress. She has hosted several television shows and appeared in music videos. She is known for her Item songs in Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and the Indian Punjabi film Young Malang.”

This is how Mathira is summed up by Wikipedia.

This short description however, in no way reflects the reality of the woman we all know as Mathira.

Yes, she is a model, but that does not tell us how she sometimes prefers not to wear a whole lot while modeling.

Yes, she has hosted several TV shows, but that doesn’t tell us anything about the amazing show of… let’s just say ‘Cleveland’…. that was on display on some of her shows. Nor does it tell us anything about the infamous live call that she once took!

Yes, she is a singer, but that doesn’t tell us anything about her dancing on the beach in shorts with a boy in one of her videos.

There is no doubt that she has garnered some haters on her way to stardom (including me) but you do sometimes want to give her credit for the fact that whatever she does, she does it with complete abandon (at times abandoning more than is really necessary).

But she has finally crossed a line! As I mentioned, she is a singer….a very bad singer…and she has dared to ‘reimagine’ DIL DIL PAKISTAN!! What in the world was this woman thinking??!!

If you haven’t seen the video yet, my advice to you: DONT! It is simply pathetic!

Like I said, she is a BAD singer. But hey, we have all dreamt of singing haven’t we? So why hate on her for doing it?

It is not just that! The video has her pouting and for some reason dancing in a … how do I put it? …ah yes… sensual way! Some of her moves seemed like they were toned down from a belly dancer’s performance. On a patriotic number.

Her hair is being blown around everywhere, she has the slutty pout, she is bouncing her head around and feeling her hair as if she was ‘reimagining’ Beyonce for crying out loud!

All that was patriotic in that entire video was the color of her clothes and the fact that she did all this holding a Pakistani flag in one hand and waving it around.

Oh! So you think I am exaggerating do you?! Well okay then why don’t you watch the video again (search “dil dil Pakistan mathira”)… refrain from clicking on the images tab and go directly to the video.

Yeah, yeah… I know that it’s her life and she can sing whatever she wants to, but for god’s sake not ‘DIL DIL Pakistan’. The song is almost as sacred as our national anthem! In fact, I am almost certain most Pakistanis know the words of Dil Dil better than they know the national anthem!

What I also fail to understand is how can someone produce such an atrocity?!?! (ARY, made in Pakistan, being the culprit here!). Was everyone involved just plain deaf, blind and stupid?! What was the creative process behind all this? I’ll bet it went something like:

Let’s get a woman who does not reflect the general Pakistani public in anyway and get her to ruin a song that is in the hearts of every Pakistani…..hmmm…that just might be the perfect recipe for a huge hit!

I know that we have all kinds of stuff airing on our channels nowadays, but there has to be a limit to everything. The limit being our religious and cultural sense. Or sometimes even a bit of common sense. If these limits aren’t observed, then all we will end up being is a replica of the industry across the border: unimaginative, senseless and useless!