To begin this article with Iqbal’s quote;

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai

(Raise thyself to such heights, That God Himself may Ask — What do you wish me to write your fate?)

ISPR has made a very comprehensive statement regarding the retirement of Army Chief at the end of his tenure, thus leaving us to witness the end of an era.

The statement came in a time when evil forces were active on their attempts to create controversies for General Raheel Shareef and ISPR now it has clearly thwarted their disinformation camping.

The disinformation camping led by these anti state forces was aimed at degrading a General who for the first time in our history has united the people and political parties against the common threat to our nation.

They were ridiculing a General who has successfully asserted and conveyed Pakistan’s narrative on terrorism to the international community which has now started addressing our concerns seriously.

Today their disinformation camping is being defeated by a very bold and timely decision of General Raheel Shareef and this shows his commitment with Pakistan’s most admired institution, the Pakistan Army.

His decision did not just give a shut up call to such enemies but also to those “naive friends” who were hoping that he should accept the extension, COAS has reminded them that there is a huge distinction between him and his predecessors that should be maintained even when he is gone.

Inclined towards fighting the militant terrorism in the beginning and then taking on the economy of terrorism, General Raheel Shareef will be remembered as the greatest leader ever to take the command of our national army.

Indeed, he is a blend of honour and leadership, a devout in his approach who has proved by his action that if you follow your duty with honesty and dedication then you are destined to deliver.

“Pakistan Army is a great institution.I don’t believe in extension” says Gen. Shareef. This reminds me of Quaid-e-Azam’s quote; With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve”

There is a reason why Wall Street Journal and BBC reports have called him Pakistan’s most respected personality today because he has truly served the nation well and now with the decision of not extending his tenure, (a rare practice in Pakistan’s brief history) Gen. Raheel Sharif has further strengthened that bond with the people of Pakistan.

Dear Sir, sacrifices rendered by your eldest brother, Rana Shabbir Sharif and your maternal Uncle, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti (both recipients of Nishan-e-Haider) are already immortal in our history but today by taking this decision you have immortalised your name in history as well.

Today you have shaped the words of Quaid by your actions and above all restored our faith in our future which was fragmented due to security but then Allah blessed us with a leader like you who feared nothing and acted upon the will of the people and brought down the terrorism to a record level.

Although we are upset about your retirement but we have full confidence in our Military institution that safeguards our national interests as well as our ideology, we are very hopeful that your successor shall take a leap from where you left and rid us off from all sorts of terrorism. The entire nation salutes you General Raheel Shareef and thank you for your services.

Today certain elements would be celebrating to see you leaving, because they are deluded into believing that they would get away with all their wrong doings, however what they don’t learn from history is that when the State decides to serve the people and its interest, then there is no stopping to it, with reference to our nuclear technology & missile program, which regardless of the change in power of successive governments, no one was able to roll back the policies.

Similarly, the polices to eradicate terrorism and its economy would not be disabled as it has now become a matter of our national existence and we are confident that our armed forces and patriotic officers wont compromise on our existence.!

The entire nation salutes you General Raheel Shareef for your services to the people of Pakistan and as Allama Iqbal says;

Nigah Buland, Sukhan Dil Nawaz, Jaan Pursouz
Yehi Hai Rakht-e-Safar Mir-e-Karwan Ke Liye

(High ambition, winsome speech, a passionate soul — This is all the luggage for a leader of the Caravan.)