Everybody is aware of Gullu Butt, the baton-wielding man seen damaging vehicles in Lahore during the clash between the police and Pakistan Awami Tehreek protestors. Mr. Butt, if you remember was filmed vandalizing cars during the clash.

What we all also know is that Mr. Gullu Butt is an avid supporter of the PML-N.

So if we put two and two together, Mr. Gullu Butt was PML-N’s attempt at hijacking the PAT protest and making it look as if it was the PAT supporters that were creating havoc and the police was only reacting. Unfortunately Mr. Butt was exposed and deservedly beaten to a pulp by the “Awaam”.

This episode reminds me of an Indian movie in which a similar situation was shown where the leader wanted to create unrest and “strategically” placed his men in the crowd in order for them to start a violent protest.

So the question arises: was the movie imitating life? Or did Gullu Butt get the idea from the movies?

If you take a look at the political situation in Pakistan it is almost a sure thing that the movie people got the idea from our politicians. Think about it…who are these ‘Namaloom Afraad’ that appear out of nowhere with enough arsenal to burn and loot whole blocks on a call for peaceful “Sog”?

Remember what happened when Benazir died? Do you really think the PPP has so much clout on the streets of MQM-ruled Karachi for it to have been laid bare like that? What about the blast which took place at the Muharram procession 3-4 years ago? The people taking part in the procession were simply carrying out their religious practice; how in the world did these people get guns and material to burn down huge markets?

It is fairly clear that all this was done by some other ‘Gullu Butts’. People hired for political gains by our politicians and other elements to gain extra mileage.

Gullu Butt was just unfortunate to have been caught. If the other vandals were to be caught they would likely reveal a similar story, just with a different political agenda at the forefront or in the background; whichever way you look at it.

All said and done, it was a bit satisfying to watch Gullu Butt finally get what was coming to him and then being dragged away to have his life saved… Serves him right!

Photo credit: Tribune.com.pk