To Whom it May Concern

Pakistan’s largest broadband service provider is being knackered by small tweaks and loopholes! Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) is no doubt, the largest telecom company which was privatized sometime back. Although, the quality of service has improved as compared to the well renown and well cursed PTCL back in the ancient times, the loopholes are now becoming gaping holes from the past. A lot agree that it is of a meagre importance how big an enterprise is, yet it’s the service only which it provides makes it a successful entity in reality. I am one of the dissatisfied customers and would like to point out some of the major issues this entity has to concentrate on.

One of the major issues of PTCL is the customer dissatisfaction ratio which is gaining momentum day by day. There is an array of dissatisfaction amongst the existing customers which is making life difficult for the largest supplier of broadband internet and telephony services to increase its satisfied customer base. Promises you make are not honoured and services provided are delayed and not up to the mark. The poor customer service story doesn’t end here. When the technical help department is contacted by flabbergasted customers, the representative lacks knowledge of the issues arising in the company and instead argues with unrealistic facts which make things worse for the already annoyed consumer. Tired of the crappy service being provided, a number of customers are now forming the opinion of not paying their service charges until the company decides to sort their issues.

PTCL’s main service is broadband internet with a large customer base, which probably is an achievement for you but poor service quality has always been a letdown in the past as it is in the current times too since  the existing customer base is shattering at a fast pace with consumers moving towards other internet service providers which, I suppose, should be in your notice too. Majority of the consumers are complaining about a dramatic reduction in bandwidth in their existing connections and a cut-down in download speeds. Unlimited downloads being offered is not in line with the promises of service being made to customers upon activation of a new connection. Customer support personnel at the high level are not cooperative either as they uplift this company’s motto of delaying the problem as much as possible.

According to recent news, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued a show cause notice to your company to carry out proceedings against the poor quality of service provided to its customers. This show cause notice has been issued in light of a survey carried out from August to October 2009 in almost all major cities and rural areas of Pakistan which was conducted with PTCL representatives based upon a mutually agreed survey methodology. As per notice details, PTCL has been given 30 days time period to respond to the notice and then PTA will act accordingly as directed by the legal terminology under the Telecom’s Act. According to Chairman PTA, Quality service being provided to consumers has been the sole priority of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

It is undoubtedly viable for PTCL to take up measures instantly to improve their customer support service and quality of the services provided in order to regain that lost pride.