As you all know – or should know – by now, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has found our beloved Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, guilty for contempt of court because he did not send a letter to the Swiss authorities to reopen the corruption cases against our, even more beloved, President Asif Ali Zardari.

Everybody knew it was coming of course. However what everybody was hoping for was an imprisonment. The Prime Minister could have gotten a sentence of up to six months in prison but what he actually got had me laughing like crazy; but the unfortunate thing is that this is far from funny! The court ordered him to be “imprisoned in the courtroom” until the hearing adjourned!

A symbolic sentence of a few minutes detention in the courtroom…. have these people completely lost it? There are billions of the awam’s money at stake behind re-opening the cases and all he gets is detention till the hearing adjourned? That’s just plain childish!

I am baffled to even think of what will happen to the person indicted in the “momogate” case. ‘Mr. so and so you are hereby sentenced to go and urinate in a public toilet in Shakkargarh!!

How is this nonsensical verdict even symbolic?? what does it symbolize? absolutely NOTHING!

And the most ludicrous part of it is that our Prime minister is going to appeal against a contempt conviction for defying the Supreme Court’s order to reopen corruption cases against the president.

This will be subject to the appeal, which we will file,” Gilani’s lawyer, Aitzaz Ahsan told a news conference. He explained that that the Prime Minister was framed for one charge but was punished for the other two.

The charge was of disregarding the court, but the prime minister was sentenced for scandalizing the court.” Aitzaz also said that the Supreme Court had no right to read out the decision to the accused as the decision is always handed over in a written form.

So basically what he’s trying to say is that the Supreme Court of Pakistan is incompetent, cuckoo, has lost its marbles, is a few bricks short of a building, etc. And you know what? Going by their verdict I’m inclined to  believe him!

So to summarize…the letters were not written and the Prime Minister is found guilty, but he’s still prancing around with no apparent “saza”. But this is not enough! He will also appeal…Pakistan Zindabad!

Well at least the (not so) Sharif brothers and the “Jamaati’s” have spoken up; demanding for the Prime Minister to resign because his image has been tainted…

Prime minister should immediately resign. He should step down without causing further crisis,” said Nawaz Sharif, while calling for fresh elections. The chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, Munawar Hussain, also called for the prime minister to quit as he had “lost moral ground”.

Just one question Mr. Hussain: Did he have any morals to lose in the first place?

My advice to these people is that please spare us the agony of press conferences and statements. We know that you’re incapable of doing anything but talking. There is also talk going on about the Prime Minister now being ineligible to hold the office. I hope that is true. But will they be able to get him out as he has decided to appeal?

I am no legal expert but if he appeals, by the time that case is finalized it will be time for new elections and he will have served his term anyway.

I am completely at a loss for words…

(Photo Courtesy of AFP)