Is it just me or have the number of positive programs and articles about India increased in our media?

Every other day there is a piece on ‘hope for Pak-India friendship’, how to better our trade relations and how we are alike as a people. The general perception is that having good relations with your neighbor will help better the regional environment. Sure, that is a perspective, but has anyone reflected on how idealistic/superficial all this sounds? Especially considering there are still multiple issues between our two countries that have remained unresolved for years. The first and foremost of course – the one which every man, woman and child is aware of – is the Kashmir issue!

Our territory, our land is under occupation by India. Just this one issue is enough to end all kinds of contact with India. If you don’t think so then ask the thousands of people who suffer at the hands of the Indian army every day; ask the Kashmiris who have lost their family members and look towards Pakistan to help end their suffering. Many Kashmiris today of course just want to be independent. Why wouldn’t they? What has Pakistan done for them?!

Then there is the LOC violation issue that crops up every few months. It’s an obvious question: If India is constantly violating the LOC, why are we the ones extending our hand in friendship?

They accuse us of the Mumbai massacre; we remain quiet.

They say we harbor Dawood Ibrahim; we offer to kiss them on the cheek.

They build illegal dams to control our waters; we are sending them gifts.

Have we completely lost any semblance of self-respect as a nation, or are we just plain blind!

Based on what I have seen and read, India is least bothered in being friends with Pakistan. Rather, if it seems to entertain us, it has its own hidden agenda.

Our economy is miniscule compared to theirs and our industries less developed. What we have to offer them is not a lot, which is why the initiatives almost always stall.

For India we are just a small annoyance. It is looking towards bigger things. For example, just recently India along with the BRICS nations signed a deal to set up a $ 100 billion bank on the lines of the World Bank. Do you really think it cares how many onions it can get from us?

We on the other hand can’t get enough of them. We want to be friends at all costs!

In my opinion, a Pak-India friendship is not going to solve anything. Your defense budget is still going to swell and you are not going to get Kashmir or any other issue resolved.

Like it or not, if we as a nation take a cold, hard, mature look at the current Pak-India situation, the future is clear:

Eventually, we will have to fight it out… everything we are doing right now is achieving nothing but delaying the inevitable.

Image Credit: Joshua Song