A few days ago, one of the PML (N) MNA’s categorically said that people are being paid 400-500 PKR to attend the sit-ins organized by PTI and PAT. There was however, no proof for this.

I don’t really know about the PAT rally, but it is evident that the people that are there to support PTI are not being paid.

Politicians have used this trick for a long time now where they pay people to attend their self-serving rallies or disrupt law and order (remember Gullu Butt?). This is why they think that people will believe it when they say that PTI is paying people to attend the sit-ins and jalsas.

No one believed their lie! These are people who lie to the world in the house of parliament, the one institution they claim to be saving. So, who will believe them?

It’s Logical!

And it’s not just the fact that they are liars which proves my point. It has been more than 40 days and each and every second of the PTI sit-ins is being broadcast to the entire world. You think we can’t see for ourselves who these people are?

You think the people can’t see the women, children and families that arrive in droves to the jalsa area?

I have seen videos of families with small children coming to support the wave of change. You can see that it’s not just the people who have nothing else to do that are there, but people with jobs and businesses and families that come here to support the movement.

These are not people who would sell themselves for 400 or 500 Rupees! The sit-in includes people who are educated and are doing well; People who have enough and don’t need to come here, but still do because they truly believe in and want the ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Open Your Eyes!

All one needs is to open their eyes and look, that’s all. But that maybe asking for too much from these thieves; they could only count up to a few thousand people in a jalsa of thousands and thousands. I don’t know if this is because they are compulsive liars or just because they aren’t educated enough to count more than that!

I don’t know for how long these sit-ins will continue, but one thing is clear: they have succeeded! They have brought the real people of Pakistan onto the streets demanding a change. There are people from all walks of life at D-Chowk, the laborer, the house wife, the student, the white collared, the elite, the celebrity; but these losers can’t see it.

IK has awakened a nation and all that is left is to take back our Pakistan from these goons!