As per the Encyclopedia Britannica, “Although there was a clear Muslim majority in Kashmir before the 1947 partition and its economic, cultural, and geographic contiguity with the Muslim-majority area of the Punjab (in Pakistan) could be convincingly demonstrated, the political developments during and after the partition resulted in a division of the region….”

Sixty eight years ago the maharaja of Kashmir decided to join India instead of Pakistan even though it was clear that the region was that of a Muslim Majority. Since then there have been two wars that India and Pakistan have fought for the land. As a result of one of those wars, Pakistan today controls territory that is thinly populated, relatively inaccessible, and economically underdeveloped. However, India controls most of the developed and populated areas of Kashmir.

Every other day we hear about atrocities committed by the Indian army in occupied Kashmir. We hear about women being ravaged, youth being killed, children being slaughtered and still there is nothing we can do about it. After every few months we have firing that violates the ceasefire across the line of control with both countries blaming each other. But we still don’t do anything about it.

Kashmir is a part of all our heads of states’ addresses at the United Nations, but all they have managed to do till today is declare 5th February as a black day for Kashmir.

Just a few days ago Mr. Billawal Bhutto claimed that he will never let Kashmir go. Speeches like these have been part and parcel of every politician’s campaign and are now just taken as meaningless words.

We hear people screaming that Kashmir is our life line and we will do everything to get it back, but fail to actually do anything about it.

Kashmir has been forgotten

Today we have forgotten about Kashmir. Just making statements and attending a rally on the 5th of February just does not cut it brothers and sisters! There is much more that needs to be done to resolve this issue.

There are two options that Pakistan and Pakistani’s are left with:

The first one being negotiations. However, negotiations have failed time and time again as they have generally been half-hearted attempts to bash out a resolution.

The last resort (and I know I am going to be hammered for this) is war. Yes, war! Sometimes this is the only way to solve an issue (our strongest ally, the US, uses this trick all the time). And what are we afraid of? Kashmir is a part of us and we have kept quiet for SIXTY EIGHT years.

We have tried talking without avail; there have been multiple UN resolutions but nothing has materialized. So why are we scared to say that if nothing works out we will take Kashmir by force?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that we should go to war without exhausting all other options, but we should also not take this option off the table.