It has finally happened. The common man has started to stand up to the ruling elite. You guessed right. I am talking about the infamous video of Mr. Rehman Malik getting off – rather, being forced off – of a PIA flight.

Being one to have suffered such a ‘delay’ myself, I felt a real sense of satisfaction watching the video. In fact, everyone who has suffered these delays would have loved what happened.

Some people might say that it is just a small delay or question ‘What’s the big deal? Flights get delayed all the time.’ Well if you are on the flight to meet your father who is terminally ill then it’s a big deal, if you are on your way to a major meeting then it’s a big deal, if you are going back for your daughter’s surprise birthday party even then it is a big deal!

And the thing is that this is not a one time thing. It happens so regularly on flights from and to Islamabad that you will be amazed.

After this video went viral others also came out with their stories. One of them was that a direct flight to America was diverted first locally to pick up the same Mr. Malik and then to London to drop him off. How true this is and if this is even possible, I don’t know, but the person who wrote the piece claims this was when Mr. Malik was a serving minister.

So what will this change?

Will this change anything? It might. I say might because the person who was at the forefront of this is not really an ordinary Pakistani.

Arjumand Hussain, the voice behind the camera, is a very successful person. A graduate from the University of Houston, he is a managing partner at a leading hospitality services firm.  He has worked for major companies in North America, the Middle-East and South East Asia and has been a part of Electronic Media as a researcher and an anchor for business programs and can also be credited with several interviews.

In short, he might not be categorized as an ‘ordinary’ Pakistani and due to his background could have done what he did without any repercussions.

Could this have happened if this was an ordinary Pakistani? I doubt it! And just to prove it, another video was uploaded by an ordinary man on an Air Blue flight that had been kept waiting for their CEO/COO. The ordinary man could not even get the flight attendant to look at him!

Does PTI have a hand in this?

Well that’s a difficult question. It does seem like the PTI’s movement motivated this action and it is quite possible that it did give the other passengers the courage to support Mr. Ajumand.

No one can say for sure, but what is certain is that the people of Pakistan are waking up to the atrocities that they have been subjected to for years by the ruling elite, albeit slowly.

Let’s hope that this little incident spawns a chain reaction that puts all these ruling elite in their right place!

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