I love Zaid Hamid!

There I said it! Pheww…That’s a load off!

It’s all about the way he speaks. He just mesmerizes me with his words. No! I am not in that kind of love with him it’s just that every sentence that he utters seems to include one or more of the following:

  1. Maar dalo
  2. Goli se uradho
  3. Suli per charha do
  4. Qatal kardo

It’s just amazing how, unlike other guests or anchors on Pakistani TV, he is clear about how to save Pakistan. Just kill all the “pests” and get on with it!

This however, is not a post about how much I enjoy listening to Zaid Hamid; rather it’s a critique of how practical his suggestions really are.

When Mr. Hamid came to the forefront a few years back, his pro-army and “everything is because of RAW & Mossad” stance was very enticing and made a lot of sense, since it is no secret how active RAW is in Balochistan.

However, after Musharraf’s Pakistan ka Khuda hi Hafiz act, Mr. Hamid began his “How to save Pakistan for Dummies” sessions. And the only way he could think of was to get rid of the whole crop of politicians; getting rid of them by killing them all to be specific. He regularly cites the revolution in Iran as an example of where the religious elite threw over the ruling elite in a bloody coup.

So is this possible in Pakistan today? Well, in my humble opinion it is NOT.  There are several reasons for this:

  1. We don’t have a strong enough religious party or group. (Will the people raising their hands up for Tahir ul Qadri, kindly sit down!)
  2. We do not have any party that’s willing to change the system as it works in their favor.
  3. As for the army, although they might be willing to change a ruling party, they are not willing to change the system as they too benefit from it.
  4. Our “Mai Baap” America doesn’t want it to happen
  5. All our politicians and the “establishment” are controlled and financed by the West

I am sure the above are enough reasons to convince you that a revolution – as envisioned by Mr. Zaid Hamid – is a long shot.

In my opinion, there is no worldly cause or person who is or will in the near future be able to galvanize the Pakistani people into a revolution of any sorts. The only way I see things changing is if we find a person who can unify us on Islam. If we can find such a person we won’t need to look anywhere else.

So Mr. Hamid, as much as I love listening to you… I know that you know just as well as I know, your way is NOT the way to save Pakistan!

Image Credit: Tribune.com.pk