Sounds of desperation are reverberating from Aabpara chowk and beyond to Islamabad creating ripples in the entire nation.

First, the demand was simply for the Prime Minister to resign and elections to be conducted again. The public looked forward to the much applauded cricketer cum politician and were eager to march towards the federal capital.

The allegations against the current government, to a layman, seem to be fair enough and the demands put forward by the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf as well as the Pakistan Awami Tehreek gave a decent enough standpoint to the general majority hooked to their television sets and social media.

Until, IK announced civil disobedience to be put into practice. An outburst of emotions from the public, which includes the PTI supporters was seen on multiple social media platforms.

Yes, civil disobedience was carried out by earlier political leaders, but the public was expecting more from IK. The aura that this gentleman has to him, made the public’s expectations sky high and once they were told to carry out this movement, mixed reactions started to surface.

The technique IK is using leaves the sane minds wondering, if this is antagonism overloaded with desperation. Why? If the PTI believes its chief is different from the current government then why opt for such inane means keeping in mind the nation where instantly a snowball effect is evident and people blindly follow what their leaders prompt them to do regardless of the consequences.

The public are tired of trying Nawaz for the third time as Prime Minister. This was the idea behind which they left their homes and marched onwards to Islamabad. But, every time IK has to speak, it is more of a concert with the majority dancing to the ‘Naya Pakistan’ song along with a few other catchy tunes which the public aimlessly dances to. Don’t simply stop there, yes, some of the PTI leaders from KPK also moved feet enjoying the clichéd dancing in the rain moment.

Repeatedly, PAT and PTI chiefs have been declaring the revolution to be peaceful. Spot any irony there? Where can one find in the entire history of the world for a revolution to be anything but peaceful? Or wait, maybe this time Pakistan is set to make history and give a new meaning to the term, revolution.

Recently only IK has announced to storm the Red Zone, but not to forget that will be done peacefully as well with constant reminders to his supporters to remain non-violent at all times.

Can’t there be negotiations? Why is the PTI leadership so adamant to lead the nation far away from being a Naya Pakistan? All the storming and the revolution will bring is bloodshed that too of the common man for who suffering is mundane, unfortunately.

The PAT camp on the flip side is comparatively faring well. With a larger crowd than Khan sahib, along with a more prudent way of communication, Tahir-ul- Qadri has been winning hearts of those, who lets say were not really fond of PAT in the first place.

However, with the state’s economy unstable, it is really unwise to spread these sit-ins to other major parts of the country as announced earlier by TUQ. Who suffers? The daily breadwinner who is unable to provide for his dependents because of the shutdown caused due to these sit-ins.

The PTI needs to understand that what the people want is change, which need not necessarily be a Naya Pakistan and IK need not be a Prime Minister to bring the best possible outcome for the nation. If a change, and that too for the better can result in negotiations and talks between PMLN and PTI along with PAT, why not give it a chance, be it for the umpteenth time rather than creating a storm which is the last thing Pakistan wants.