The streets which saw the desolation for more than three days witnessed an awful response from its own people. The tragedy which unfortunately took more than 5 lives in a week took a ghastly change when people came out on streets passing the slogans on each other praising the collaborator. The trauma was not yet came to end when people hailed the efforts of one collaborator who had served in past as one stockholder of freedom movement. Let’s forget what he did, at least he is also the one who made his stand clear. Not early but lately he proved that he is not worth to be mentioned in the movement which fortunately is given a name “Azadi movement”. The land for which some people had lost their natives needs a full overhaul/amelioration, whether they are ready to accept the Azadi” or not. If yes let the people show their anguish towards collaborators as well as occupiers. If No let’s happily accept that what they call this land “their integral part”.

Even it takes a new environment, new surrounding for a chameleon to copy such, but here people have no religion, no caste, no creed, no colour when they opt to be an agent, a renegade, or what they called a “deceit”

The dead man is in hurry to take our lives, no matter how we are being killed, how we were killed, it doesn’t matter to those who have change the logic of being chameleon. Even it takes a new environment, new surrounding for a chameleon to copy such, but here people have no religion, no caste, no creed, no colour when they opt to be an agent, a renegade, or what they called a “deceit”. But when some hint about freedom, the collaborators come out with anguish “what Azadi has given us” “we eat their food, we take subsidies, and we go there for trips, tours and then we also study there”. The question often remains un-answered. Who will dare to answer such, if any one will do, the next day you will find him behind bars, has been slapped with PSA (Public safety act) or you will never find him (May be in photos in that list which has been given a name “Disappeared people list”). Even if some gather courage to speak loudly against the oppression inflicted on our brethren, then you will find some religious philosophers hinting that the movement is un-Islamic and the dead can never achieve martyrdom. Then there comes a question “whom for we are fighting?” Neither the martyrdom nor he receives a dignitary funeral then why he loses his life for people who question hundred times that is he a martyr?

This situation we have witnessed how many times—not once but hundred times. Together we had spoken loudly whenever the reign of terror inflicted on us, the rapes, the disappearances, do I need to say many more about the oppression, but what we have earned till date, where we are standing, can we show courage of eliminating those who are not in favour of this movement or we need to remain mum, and the silence will be followed by more oppression and then more terror. Can we pacify Newton’s mother who lost her scientist at a very low age or can we mollify the demands of that father who yesterday lost his Gavasker….?, do I need to put more examples, then people will show their kind of aggression or do our streets need a person per day so that the aggression of freedom will never end.

Isn’t this right that the blood continues to spill in Kashmir has no end or the blood has become so cheap that some people really care about? Of course this is right, on the day of hartal what we do, trip to Pahalgam or Gulmarg and then we say “waen gas batwar doh tee kah gasun—on Saturday something must happen so that will also become a holiday”. Isn’t this higher level of obsession or I am paranoid putting such examples, the next day we forget everything, even me not that day we remember when some 3 to 10 people were gunned down in Islamabad cold-blooded. I heard the next day the one was a baker, he just ran from his shop to save himself from the death, but what he got, who remembers him now.

We have sold ourselves even our faith for some bucks; we have sold our martyrs. The situation will never end or one day it will be. I will wait for one day when the horrendous dance of death will come to end.

If you live, live free
or die like the trees, standing up”

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