The current political situation in India is rotten. At first it started in Dadri where a mob lynched a person over a rumour that he had consumed beef. The beef politics sparked anguish in between the people that they started giving life threats to each other. From Dadri to Kashmir many were lynched and it gave another reason to people to object on the work of BJP. The BJP which is in power at the centre is turning out to be a party working more on RSS ideology than the national party. The BJP is representing RSS, Hindu nationalism than India, abhorring the fact that the nation is a diverse. Since it took charge on May 2014, there has been an abrupt rise of anti-national activities. The celebration of “Nathuram godse’s birthday, hailing his efforts of assassinating Gandhi-G made sense that the right wing political activists are trying to Saffron’ise India. The claims of Akhand Bharat (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) clearly insinuate that the political situation in India has changed.  The return of awards by many writers, actors and political activists clearly made sense that the intolerance level in India has created a fetid environment. The attack on minorities paved attention on the growing anti-national activities which has instantaneously risen up.  The political stabilisation isn’t turning towards peace, but getting worse each and every day. The chaotic environment is becoming uneasy for the minorities, especially for the Muslims; Dalit’s living in India to imbibe.

More than a week passed, the condition in Jawaharlal Nehru University is not yet stable. The university has become a political battle ground.  It all started when a group of students from Jawaharlal Nehru University organised an event on Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru who was hanged in 2013. The event organisers had pasted posters across the JNU campus inviting people to gather for a protest march against judicial killing of Afzal Guru and in solidarity with people of Kashmir who are oppressed and terrorised by Indian army. The event was given a title “A country without a post office” which has been taken from famous American-Kashmiri poet Agha Shahid Ali’s poem cum book. The event for which the varsity first gave permission but later denied following a complaint by the members of Akhil Bhartiya vidyarthi Parishad which is a BJP student wing present in many universities. First one needs to know that Jawalarlal Nehru then prime minster promised the UN that a plebiscite will be held in which Kashmiris will decide their future. More than seven decades passed out, the promise is yet to fulfil. Second one needs to ask “Did Afzal get a fair trial” the answer is “No”; it’s a fact that there was a gross miscarriage in Afzal’s case. He was hanged just to satisfy the collective conscience of people. Across India many intellectuals, ex-judges, writers, artists also amnesty international condemned the execution of Afzal referring that he was not given a fair trial, suggested he deserve other punishment than execution. Apart from the allegation that Afzal didn’t get a fair trial, the hanging was just another way of repressing those who dared to challenge India’s control over the disputed region. That even the dead body of Afzal was not handed over to his family, neither allowing the family nor his son to meet him before his execution.

The JNU unrest started when a group of intellectuals in an event shouted slogans favouring Afzal, that he was not given a fair trial. The controversy sparked anguish in between two groups; JNUSU AND ABVP. ABVP members accused them of shouting anti-national slogans providing a video proof which has lately been recognised that the video was doctored to malign the image of JNUSU. The BJP government pushed police to slap few JNUSU members with sedition charges. Without wasting time the Delhi police started crackdown in and outside JNU campus, beat many people and started late night crackdown for many days. More than 5 students have been booked under sedition law. JNUSU has been branded as a terrorist place. The government is in hurry to malign the image of JNU. The RSS is back supporting this act, as JNU has shown support for people living under oppression. The BJP is playing politics by charging students over dissent. The so called nationalists are in hurry to brand JNU as a hub of anti-national ground. The Home minster seems to be in a hurry, without wasting the time giving open life threats to those people who endorsed the event.

The arrest of JNUSU president Kaniya Kumar on charges of sedition proved how tolerant the nation is. If the nation claims to be a large democracy in the world, then it should openly accept the people’s opinion whether negative or positive. It should allow people to use the fundamental right of freedom of expression, through which they can either endorse the government or put forth the negative points .People who believe in Freedom of expression and are indeed follower of Ambedker’s constitution on social networks are fighting with hordes of “Desh-bakhts, Patriots, so called nationalists” who have suddenly appeared to de-construct JNU.  The families of accused faced harassment. Their parents were threatened by TV anchors in a vulgar, idiotic and crude way. The people who supported them were called miscreants, apostates, and anti-nationals and need to be hung. The RSS goons have terrorised those people in and outside the internet.

Kanaya kumar was beaten up by Lawless groups of lawyers outside the premises of Patiala court. The lawyers lately revealed that the police had helped them while beating Kanaya openly. They even gave open threats that they will blow him off with a petrol bomb when he will be produced next time in court. While talking to India Today the RSS goons gave open threats that they will spare Kanaya to death.

Rather than all this, a BJPMLA was seen assaulting journalists as well as Kanaya Kumar. He lately said that these are anti-national elements and need to be eliminated like this. This marks questions itself are BJP persons and RSS goons allowed to attack people like this. Does government has provided them free hand to do this? What they are following is just a creation of Guru-g Golwalker which unfortunately does not represent the diversity of nation. Not taking any action against those lawless lawyers and MLA OP sharma is clearly insinuating towards conspiracy and through this they have only one motive that is to abolish the name of JNU campus.

The JNU unrest is being directly or indirectly linked to Pampore EDI siege and Umar Khalid is being accused for all this. Umar earlier was a miscreant who supports terrorist organisation and was a sympathiser of JEM. The allegation, which later began to collapse into murky revealed that he had no links and the tale of doctored videos was being woven to make him responsible as he carries the Muslim name. The news channels are deliberately using his name just to prove that he has militant links. The doctored videos show that Umar was shouting anti-India slogans which later were proved that the news channels are trying to defame him with the doctored videos.  This clearly makes sense that the media have become a mouth piece for the RSS goons. Umar is still considered a terrorist, a miscreant by the RSS persons as a few days before in an event at JNU, he accused India of occupying the territory of Kashmir, he accused Pakistan also for occupying the other part of Kashmir. He had made it apparent that India is occupying Kashmir with brutality.

The only solution to bring down this menace is to withdraw charges against the accused. The police should rely on university decisions and let them handle their own way. Those who will be found guilty should be punished or rusticated for some time. After all, they are future intellectuals and shouldn’t book on sedition charges. The RSS backed BJP shouldn’t use their power to suppress the minority, but should firmly use it in the development which the nation is in need of. The RSS shouldn’t attack minorities, but should adapt strategy which will help them in making followers even in minorities.

About Author: Yasir Altaf Zargar is a web security analyst. He tweets as @zargaryasir and can be reached at: zargaryasir[at]