Every day news channels help us a lot to unveil the corruption of a leader, organization, stakeholder and each and every case. We know the destination of projects, aid and our tax. I think news channels know all about leaders but they explore it when time has been gone; so they better know how to keep and convey information. I am not going to talk about any leader and his past records and future prediction but in this mess we forgot where we stand in this era.

When we talk a lot about the character of our leaders, we don’t think for a second that what our slip-ups are. When we talk about corruption, we act like the most honest persons on the earth. When we discuss diplomacy, we fluently enlist people but we never ever think of ourselves. I am not going to unveil the secrets of any leader but as an individual and ironically a sincere citizen I want to just highlight our qualities. We always complain about justice, poverty, ignorance, discrimination, illiteracy and insecurity. And we think that every leader and the ruling party double the trouble but situation is not the same my dear. Our arrogance increases day by day and we dig a pit for ourselves.

We never raise our voice against a crime next to our door but we can comment and support any leader miles away. And then we wait for a change…Revolution. Revolution can change the system but not your instincts. We talk a lot about a fair and honest Government but I know many who swallow secrets with cash. People see murders but they refuse to be an eyewitness. Fear of tomorrow and the powerful is destroying us. We can talk about poverty but we always wear branded clothes. We can spend millions on a wedding ceremony but we are poor. We go to a shop with a name and the fame, pick up the things and pay without bargaining but we can argue with an average shop keeper even for ten rupees. The most common example of our loyalty is, we behave well and good in a foreign country but we never use a dustbin in our country then our words are “polluted country”. Discrimination starts from our homes, parents always value a male child more than the female child, an obedient is more precious than one who points the mistakes in traditional system, we don’t have our own choice, we can’t choose subject of our choice. We pay a maid for dusting our furniture but we never pay for her child school fee. We know where our country stands in the list of countries with respect to health status, education, poverty and population but we still focus on ourselves that we are well beings. How can we change our education system when every parent is imprisoned in the cage of doctors and engineers? One entrance test decides the fate of an individual, where only grades decide the future.

How can we expect that a leader can reduce all that in one second while he is one of us? We all are leaders and our actions collectively shape a country. This country does not need an honest leader but sensible community. To demand a leader with credibility, you have to improve yourself; if you don’t do so then you are chasing rainbows.