Pakistanis love to eat. They seriously do including me. A day is incomplete without 6 meals in a day starting from breakfast to pre-lunch munching. Lunch is being served then with a bit of snacking earlier in the evening. At night, dinner is consumed along with something ‘Meetha’ and that completes the day of a normal individual residing in Pakistan. Thanks to 7Up, we call such individuals Foodie.

When it comes to appeasing your thirst after a spicy food or while having supper, 7Up is probably the only option that can satisfy the spices from your taste buds. When it comes to the adverts, 7Up over the past few years has taken that department to a next level by involving celebs from all across the world. 7Up has been celebrating the love for food since last 3 years but recently they conducted an activity where they went one level up.

The unique and ‘one of its kind’ activity had 7Up, three foodies from different professions and a surprise. Keep reading to discover it later. The foodies who were chosen were given a task to put the taste that their hands carry on a plate. Their food creations were then put up on the billboards all across Pakistan.

In an activity that took place in Karachi earlier this year which was directed by 7Up, three foodies namely Madiha Hameed (Blogger), Kiran Afzaal (Foodie) and Ayesha Umer (Actress) were chosen to exhibit their hidden talent of cooking. However, they were first asked to record their statement about why they consider themselves foodies.

There were some fine revelations from the selected ladies. Actress Ayesha Umer believed, rightly so, that there are two kinds of people. One who eats to live while the other category is about an individual who lives to eat. Undoubtedly, she fell in the second category and because of her immense love for the food; she was preparing a fish with a pinch of lemon. Blogger MadihaHameed said that cooking helps her in the reduction of stress level and as a result she was prepared Prawn Masala. Pretty sure you are still wondering about the surprise. Anyway, Kiran Afzaal is a student who is a food lover and she loves cooking especially for her family. She created Chicken Karahi with thin slices of Ginger as a mark of presentation.

One of the great surprises came when the ladies came to know about the master, Chef Saadat, who assisted them in the activity. Plenty of tips were given to the ladies from the cooking expert and their dishes were prepared in collaboration with Chef Saadatwho passed on every advice he could. You will be excited to witness about what happened behind the scenes. Please to have a look:

These dishes will now be featured on the billboards all across the country. The names of the foodies will also be mentioned with the collaboration of 7Up. Fair to say that this was a unique and brilliant idea from 7Up who involved three common people from all walks of life in their sensational activity. Moreover, 7Up achieved a big milestone in terms of giving the charge to common people in their billboard activity and I am sure it is going to be appreciated by the masses.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by 7Up.