7Up is upping the ante big time this winter by intelligently tapping into what it means to have a night at the bonfire, with friends. They created a completely brand new way of socializing with your close friends. A way that Foodies could come together and enjoy time. While most people in Pakistan love the winter for the pastime of bonfires, what about adding a BBQ into the mix? Well that’s just what 7Up is suggesting in their inspiring well thought out video with the lovely AimaBaig. With such a great little beat that creates a chill vibration, it’s suspected to be the “it” song of the season so watch out for it. In the video, they really did capture a moment by bringing together a great song with simple lyrics. This certainly did create the stage for a down to earth get together.

In the video, singer Aima Baig sits around the campfire with her guitar. All of the other friendly, happy people bop their heads to the gentle beat of a campfire song. There are other people playing guitar and you see the glow of the fire on smiling people’s faces. There is meat being thrown on an open fire that is being cooked on the outskirts of the campfire circle. Pictures are being taken with friends and guys act silly around girls to get their attention. A can of 7Up gets opened in a subtle way that does get you feeling thirsty all of a sudden. The video leaves a good feeling inside of you with new ideas of how great this winter will be.

The perfect beverage for a night at the bonfire. I mean of course, why wouldn’t you incorporate a BBQ to those nighttime get together among friends? 7Up’s brand new video hosts the lovely Aima Baig as the singer with a song that perfectly complements the BBQ and bonfire vibe. The song was exclusively composed for 7Up and their new introduction to a new way of being social. Its song is a great representation to the 7Up philosophy and as contagious as the 7Up jingle. The video achieved just what is was supposed to, watchers get inspired and feel a happiness swell up in them. It give you the feeling of 7Up and its brand philosophy which is all about fun and connecting with one another. It’s the overall feeling of the perfect night. Good food, great music and fun times. The very subtle shots of 7Up within the video reminds us what a great part of the food experience it is. Definitely watch the 7Up Bonfire Song and enjoy the season with #7UpWinters.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by 7Up.