7Up is one of the leading liquid brands in the country and the trend of having 7Up over the past few years has changed. One of the primary reasons is the innovative ideas and strategies through which 7Up comes up with. For the past 3 years, 7Up has been celebrating the love for food but recently they took the movement one ladder up by organizing #FoodiesWithoutBorders event at Lahore.

seven up 1

7Up united the vendors and foodies from all over Pakistan under one single platform at Lahore in a #FoodiesWithoutBorders event on Sunday. As the hashtag suggests, the idea was to bring all the food lovers and the specialist vendors under one roof so that everyone can have variety of food from diverse cultures.

Individual needs vary from one to another and subsequently everybody has a dissimilar taste too. 7Up identified this opportunity and planned to conduct an event that will have everyone under one table and the exclusive event was centered on food.

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7Up is also the official and trademark brand of foodies. It brought 21 authentic vendors from 3 major cities of Pakistan into a single place. 8 of them were from Lahore, 7 from Karachi while Peshawar had 6 vendors at the #FoodiesWithoutBorders event. The theme behind the exercise was to serve wide-ranged food to all the food lovers at one place so that they can come across number of mouth-watering dishes that also represented diverse culture. 7Up took care of all the overheads of the vendors from bringing them to Lahore to taking care of all their expenditures. Following is the list of vendors:


1- Allahuddin Chapal Kebab
2- Maalga Goat Sajji
3- Maalga Namkeen Rosh
4- Namak Mandi, Kabuli Pulao
5- Peshawari Charsi Tikka
6- Peshawari Seekh Kebab

seven up pesh


1- 7Up Limka
2- Burns Road Bun Kebab
3- Chullu Kebab
4- Karachi Biryani
5- Karachi Haleem
6- Liaquatabad Pani Puree and Dahi Baray
7- Merathi Dhaga Kebab

seven up karachi


1- 7Up Doodh Soda
2- Arif Chatkhara House
3- Bhaiya Kebab
4- Cheeka Chikker Chaney
5- Kaka Gurda Champ
6- Phajjey ke Paaye
7- Waris Nihari
8- Zakir Tikka

seven up lahore

It was getting really tough for the audience at the center to resist. The aroma of Charsi Tikkay, Pajhay k Paaye and Bun Kebab of Burns Road really started to get on the nerves of the people. The plates were filled to the core as soon as the food was ready to be served.

There was another surprising addition at the #FoodiesWithoutBorders event and 7Up literally nailed it by inviting a star-studded team 21 celebrities from different segments of the industry. The likes of Ahmed Ali Butt, Cybil J. Chaudhry, Amanat Ali, Natasha Ali and Ali Sikandar turned a gourmet event into glamorous event through their attendance. Fans started to click selfies with them as soon as the superstars were spotted.

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7Up also organized a first-of-its-kind video booth for the aforementioned celebrities who conveyed their love for the food in an unfamiliar way. You would be pleased to take a look at their video messages here.

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7Up has surely set some high standards for its competitors by organizing a successful #FoodiesWithoutBorders event where vendors, foodies and celebrities were invited not only from a certain city but from all over the country. This activity will definitely entice other liquid brands in the country to either follow the same pattern with little variations or coming up with something different altogether. However, one can easily say that it wouldn’t be a matter of concern for 7Up as they have already become traditional foodie brand in the country by conducting number of activities and events.