It’s Mother’s day. Really? I didn’t know about it. Let me change my profile picture on all social media platforms. 24 hours go by and you change your display picture again. Job done? Surely not. This day is generally celebrated all across the world on the second Sunday in the month of May. As soon as this day fast approaches, there’s this buzz in the air about the day as there are certain morning shows that take place, events are arranged, gifts are purchased and arrangements are being done to celebrate the big day.

There is literally no harm in it. Infact it is actually great that individuals try to spend this day with their Mothers, projecting their love for them, getting presents for them, taking them out to a drive etc. But the big question here arises and it was tossed down by Kashmir Banaspati that since Mothers are the beautiful creation of Almighty and that the people of Pakistan regard them quite high and when we talk about celebrating this day while showcasing our love for them, is one day enough?

Mother is someone who loves their child unconditionally every day of the week 24/7. No matter how many flaws her kid has got, her love for the child will never shrink. There is simply no point to celebrate Mother’s Day for just one day who does so much for her child that often go disregarded and unnoticed. In the same concern, a social experiment was channeled from Kashmir Banaspati to the general public who believed that #EveryDayIsMothersDay. Care to have a look at the following video:

The whole notion was to know the point of view of general public about what they particularly organize on this Mother’s Day. There were some hilarious and typical responses as some take their mothers out for shopping and dinner while few get those flowers and gifts. As soon as when they were asked whether one day is enough for showcasing and exhibiting your love for your mothers, there was plenty of silence. There was a lot of thought given about the question. There was hmmms and oohhs and aahhs. There wasn’t any concrete and substantial answer except for one who said that his day goes incomplete without seeing her mom. The context was broader as it was evident from his body language.

There is simply no point in arguing, fighting and making your mother’s life difficult for 364 days and to celebrate it for one day by altering your profiles pictures and to cut a cake. Instead your mother requires your attention, time, warmth and love every day of the week for 24/7 in exactly the same manner you were pampered. Got to admire Kashmir Banaspati for bringing this up and making us realized the importance of mothers in our busy lives. If you are reading this and if your beloved mother is around; go hug her and tell her she is important and that you are blessed to have her in your life. Repeat this exercise every day and witness the change, a change for the better in your life because Kashmir Banaspasti and we believe that #EveryDayIsMothersDay. Do you?

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