It’s Valentine’s day. Imagine yourself in this situation: You wake up on a windy morning, get off bed, take shower, have a proper breakfast and then you plan on to spend the rest of your day with your loved one. Atnoon, you are done with your planning and get off to pick your other half from the desired destination. Both of you try to spend quality time on seaview, ride a camel, go to a certain mall for shopping and end up the day with a fantastic meal. And then at the end of the day you get to hear ‘maza nahe aya (it wasn’t entertaining).’ How would you react to this situation?

Meanwhile on the other hand, visualize yourself in this situation: You wake up on Sunday noon after a terrificSaturday night with your friends, have a halwa puribreakfast, engage yourself with watching a PSL match with a bit of snacking in between and then you order a pizza with a 7Up. Within 30 minutes, the pizza is delivered and you enjoy the 2nd match of PSL with a Chicken Tikka Pizza alongside 7Up. And on top of it if you are a LALA fan then you must have an epic day. Isn’t it? So which story is #ABetterLoveStory? The former or a latter one?

This is how 7Up introduced to its fans a great concept of #ABetterLoveStory this Valentine’s day. For this creativity, 7Up teamed up with singer, Mooroo, who showcased the fans a variance between two types of lovers. It was then up to the audience to choose #ABetterLoveStory. You can lookout the video to understand and handpick #ABetterLoveStory for yourself too:

In a nutshell, wasn’t food ka love #ABetterLoveStorythan Twilight in this very case since you were more pleased and gratified in the second scenario as compared to the first one where you were so busy in pleasing your other half yet the end result was disappointing?

Amidst all this, a lot of foodie fans who are a part of popular Facebook group ‘Foodies R Us’ began to participate and started to post their love of food right after 7Up officially kicked off its hashtag #ABetterLoveStory. They underwent to enlighten how they and food make #ABetterLoveStory.

After this campaign, 7Up got plenty of messages and that was when 7Up came across a foodie fan, Saad Hameed, who shared his better love story. According to Saad Hameed’s story, his chicken was better than any other conventional love story because chicken didn’t just make unfilled promises but it actually died for you so you could enjoy your delicious meal! Hui na phir yay #ABetterLoveStory?

So Saad Hameed went home with a big voucher of a massive 10,000 rupees for Aylanto’s Café and lived happily ever after.

We would love to hear your story. Join our group “FoodisR Us’ and let us know if you have #ABetterLoveStory:

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by 7Up.