All of a sudden, out of nowhere, some relatives appear at your place at an odd time. You are now required to prepare a dinner for them. YES! You could have ordered the food online via Foodpanda but these relatives want you to cook something for them. Is it too much to ask for? Definitely not especially with the assistance of Foodpanda.

Among those relatives, there’s an aunty and her young daughter. The former’s favorite is Chef Mehmoob and she wants to read her detailed interview while the latter is interested to know about the top ten dining spots in the city. All too messed up, right? Wrong! What’s the issue when Foodpanda is always there to provide breakthrough assistance to its valuable customers? Brace yourself; Foodpanda has launched a blog by the name of Foodpanda PK Magazine. You will have to keep an eye on their posts, engross yourself in a sphere of all the latest foodhappenings to relish Pakistan’s most popular food delivery in black and white.

The wits and minds behind this magazine are made up of food fanatics, enthusiastic readers and ambitious bloggers. The updates of the magazine are equally diverse. Guess what? All your questions will be answered in this very magazine. You will be able to entertain your relatives by cooking amazing food with some divine recipes. Not only this, your aunty will be appeased as she will have her favorite’s interview in the magazine and her daughter will be aware of the top ten dining spots in the city. All this will be available in Foodpanda’s PK Magazine.

According to American Chef, Julia Child: “people who love to eat are always the best people” while according to Foodpanda: “people who love to read are the best people to fall in love with” – isn’t it amazing? So treasure marvelous recipes, interviews of best chefs and e-books provided exclusively to the honorable followers of Foodpanda PK Magazine.

What is your idea of a sandwich? Is it the traditional one with these ingredients: bread, egg, chicken and mayonnaise? Let’s replace these ingredients. Bread in three dissimilar ranges; whole wheat, white or jalapeno cheddar. There are then choices for meat and cheeses. Once the bread has been selected, it is split open and lined with a special aioli also known as a ‘Dirty Sauce.’ Then the fillings, sauces, veggies and a lot more. Without any further delay, Panda peeks – Hoagies is now open in Karachi (Phase 5 and Dolmen Mall) and it is well-known for its ridiculously overflowing to the top fillings and a special ‘Dirty Sauce.’

Hoagies is a must try to everyone who loves variation in their meals. The distinct flavors and cooking techniques of Hoagiesare just done to perfection. A basket of curly fries and a drink would be just the cherry on top to complete the meal. The place also adheres to social responsibility. The place is wheelchair friendly. It is worth trying and you will be prone to trying it over and again. Happy Eating!

This post was sponsored by FoodPanda Pakistan.