The culinary taste of any country is perhaps the most authentic way of experiencing its true culture and tradition. The rich blend of flavors coupled with the traditional cooking techniques takes you on an amazing experience that will leave you with an essence of what that place is all about. Scrumptious cuisines from all over the world transcend barriers and are uniting people with the common love of a enjoying a savory meal.  The craftsmanship involved in creating such delectable delicacies is a joy to learn, amazing to watch and the finished masterpiece takes you on a culinary journey that is a treat for the palate.
One of the leading brands in the food industry, Kashmir Banaspati and Cooking Oil of the United Industries Limited has taken upon itself to bring to its audience an international menu with titillating recipes from around the world in a #JeenayKaMaza campaign that is taking the food community by storm. Kashmir’s products have become a household name for anyone who wants to cook an appetizing culinary gem. Any meal can be made into a tempting treat when cooked in Kashmir’s naturally healthy yet enticing Banaspati and Cooking oil. The brand is exceedingly conscious of its consumer’s health and for Kashmir it’s not only just about the taste. Utilizing novel research techniques, the brand has created a product that is low in cholesterol and easy on the heart.
Never the one to be left behind, Kashmir has made its presence felt in the social media world as well. In one of the first of its kind, Kashmir is bringing the cuisines of the world to the masses, be it through Facebook or Instagram. Check out these amazing recipes on their Facebook page.
The brand is even guiding fans on how to cook these wondrous dishes of the world in the comfort of their kitchens. Using innovative and engaging ideas, Kashmir is delighting its audience with not just simple pictures but astounding yet delightful animations of the recipes that you can learn within seconds! Check out these entertaining animations on Instagram. The simple yet enjoyable animations are informative and entertaining and we bet you will spend hours going through every one of them. The brand is engaging its audience even further, challenging them to identify the origins of the delicious meal along with using landmark monuments of the world that both hints towards the birthplace of the dish and elevates its authenticity.  The interactive style of Kashmir’s trendy new campaign with its informative message will surely take its fans on a culinary journey that will leave them yearning for more and is truly a foodie’s paradise!