Last weekend, the roads to expo were jam packed and everybody was going in the same direction.
No, this wasn’t one of those exclusive fashion centric events, this crowd was for the new favorite:
Masala Family Festival. The festival entertained hundreds of families and food enthusiasts from
across the city. The highlight however was one food specialist brand.


Kashmir Banaspati is no stranger to all our home chefs. All the ladies out there who enjoy cooking,
praise Kashmir Banaspati and Cooking oil for all the healthy options and refined taste that the
brand brings with it. The Kashmir Stall at the Masala Family Festival was proof of all that love. The
stall entailed multiple activities with exciting giveaways which included a fortune wheel where
people tried their luck and enjoyed giveaways along with a dart game where everyone tried their
shooting skills. The stall wasn’t restricted to food activities but the one food activity that highlighted
the stall was testing the proud home chefs’ frying skills. As easy as it looks, the task needs
precision and patience. That’s what was tested and the winners walked away with free phones and
more exciting wins.

All in all, we saw the festival exuberant of excitement and fun things to do for kids and adults alike.
What did you love about it the most?