The Provincial Capital boasts of a multicultural fusion with varying ethnicities. Karachi’s cuisine is rich in tradition, full of exotic and diverse dishes. Surely, a dainty appetizing meal is incomplete without any beverage and as 7Up’s relationship to food is quiet old and strong, the colorless, caffeine-free bubbly drink enhances the taste of the food twofold.

For Karachites food is much more than just a task but a complete experience, which is why this year Karachi decided to bring all the local and foreign food lovers to a common platform sponsored by 7Up.

Another food festival executing the title “Manalo food ka love with 7up” was celebrated with 7Up to let people get an experience of the appetizing and amazing meals while sipping their 7Up’s. The diversity of the city’s cuisine was a reason for festivity of two days.

“Karachi Eat” was held on 22nd, 23rd and 24th January at Frere Hall in Karachi and was immensely enjoyed by all outgoing food lovers. The event was organized at a grand level providing the passionate citizens an opportunity to tantalize their taste buds and a chance to experience the masterful chefs in action.

As the event was advertised over two powerful and popular social media platforms, their Facebook and Instagram pages, a huge crowd comprising families, friends, groups and of course me, directed towards the destination. One delightful thing  observed amongst all the people, cramming around the lanes of stalls offering varieties of savoury dishes and desserts, was a bottle of chilled 7Up being offered by each stall regardless the of cold weather.

Being tempted by the atmosphere, I delighted myself with a fulfilling seafood platter which included shrimps, fingerfish, grilled salmon and the scrumptious pieces of lobster meat and the 7Up’s refreshing flavor made the day more than worthwhile. Undeniably, the taste of my meal got enhanced by 7Up and the refreshing lime drink made me digest the massive meal leaving me feeling light and fresh within a short period of time, thereby making the transparent carbonated beverage an ultimate match for every meal.

Nevertheless walking along all the food stalls that not only served remarkable collection of cultural cuisines but also various art and craft activities, I have to say that the brand did a remarkable job in creating and managing festival which brought smiles on so many faces. In future we expect 7Up to keep arranging such cultural reviving and promising events that will continue revivification of the true tradition and cultural heritage of different cities of our country.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by 7Up.