The stadium is jam packed. The atmosphere is electrifying. Bowler has the ball in his hand to have one final go. Batsman is determined to dispatch the ball into the stands. Fans have no time even to blink. Hearts in the mouth. 4 runs needed off the last ball to win the grand tournament. Heartbeat is on the full. Umpires are alert. There is pin drop silence. Nervy times. Bowler runs in to bowl, crosses the umpire and delivers a half cracker. Afridi smokes it towards mid-wicket region; the ball is up in the air. And it sails over the boundary for a massive six. The crowd erupts in the joy. Pakistan wins World T20. How about that for a World T20 Final script? Adrenaline-charged, eh?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this could be the possibility. There are hardly 20 days lefts for the first round of World T20 to get commenced. Excitement among the fans is already building up for the grand tournament in the form of ongoing PSL. Fans won’t be having any leverage to take rest since right on the 24th of this month, Asia Cup will begin where 5 teams will participate and soon after that, World T20 will take the cricketing world by storm.

Whether you are prepared for it or not, Pepsi is, well and truly. Pepsi has officially launched the T20 World Cup campaign with inspiring hashtag #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi. Pepsi’s new advertisement, which is now public, with so many superstars and hashtag #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi has taken the cricket fans by storm. The fans are already busy in supporting their home teams in the PSL and Pepsi enhances further zeal and interest into it by introducing and or-airing its campaign for the upcoming T20 World Cup with the name and hashtag #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi.

The TV commercial is an astonishing depiction of a cricketing journey. The enthusiasm and buzz is too hard to ignore whether you are a cricket freak or a professional cricket player. Pepsi never fails to seize the opportunity when it comes to supporting cricket all throughout major cricketing events. Safe to say, they are the pioneers in cricketing campaigns as it has been evident. Significantly, hashtag #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi enunciates the very nature of the game where the players have to perform NOW or NEVER. It resonances with the audience too who will also be required to support their home team because #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi.

From flamboyant openers to chirpy wicket-keeper, intimidating fast bowler to boom boom Shahid Afridi, Pepsi covered it all. For the first time, Pepsi has taken 11 superstars in their stunning campaign. Have a look at the following TV commercial:

You’ll be left with nothing but to admire the way Pepsi exhibited the advertisement where at the end of the day fans are appeased and ecstatic, players are content and gratified after a phase of tension and pressure. This was done when all of them grabbed a can of Pepsi, had it and the rest is history.

So it is now time to support Pakistan for the World T20. Do not forget to grab popcorns and a bottle of Pepsi while you enjoy the proceedings because #AbhiNahiTohKabhiNahi.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pepsi.