No surprises. Pepsi does it again. Cricket runs in the blood of Pakistanis. So does Pepsi. Shoaib Malik is an idol to a number of Pakistanis. And what did Pepsi do? They brought everyone on a single platform along with an advanced 3D technology. What happens next? A cricket pitch is twisted from a normal to a pinball cricket game – thanks largely to Pepsi and Shoaib Malik.

You must have seen the latest digital video of Pepsi featuring Shoaib Malik. If you have not yet, please to have a look at it:

Pepsi never fails to bring innovative and creative ideas in their cool videos. They have raised the bar by setting a massive challenge for its competitors to come up with something really unique. In its latest video, a bunch of young street cricketers were literally flabbergasted when they saw one of the biggest superstars of Pakistan, Shoaib Malik on their cricket field.


The entry of Shoaib Malik was quite unusual in the way he walked in. While entering on the field, he gave a green signal to his mate who transformed the cricket pitch of street cricketers into a pinball cricket match. The move was made possible with the help of advanced 3D technology.

The street cricketers were astonished for 2 reasons:

1- They were able to meet and more importantly play cricket with their idol, Shoaib Malik
2- Their normal cricket match was turned into a fun pinball cricket game

Due to Pepsi, the young guns were able to experience something which they never did before. Ever since the video has hit the internet, the youth of Pakistan has taken the social media by storm. There is plenty of buzz almost everywhere with passionate individuals demanding the same technology in their street. Fair to say, this buss has overtaken that ‘Chai Wala’ guy too in terms of the popularity. It speaks volume that the cool digital video was appreciated by the masses of Pakistan.

Following are some of the screengrabs of individuals exhibiting their willingness to play cricket in the same style:




The idea was unique in number of ways. Not a single brand in Pakistan was able to come up with an idea of pinball cricket. Pepsi has set the trend for everyone. Moreover, Shoaib Malik’s swag was an icing on the cake.

The relation between Pepsi and the people of Pakistan is very solid. With this new video, it will go on to the next level.

Share your thoughts with us whether you would also like to play pinball cricket match.