When individuals can’t find the right words to express their emotions, PepsiMoji is there to help. Pepsi Pakistan recently introduced a new marketing campaign that will help their customers to #SayItWithPepsi, a strong step to show how important Pepsi views its Pakistani consumers.

The new marketing campaign is not an end to the Pepsi advertisements over the past couple of years, but rather an extension of it. Following up on their witty, humorous Live It Abhi campaign, PepsiMoji seems to say that the beverage makers want individuals to live in the moment with a smile on their face.

Bringing the globally-popular initiative to Pakistan, PepsiMoji has seen successful in its test market – Canada. Introduced in 2014, the campaign immediately connected the drink maker with a language universally accepted by the millennials consuming their product. It’s not uncommon for these individuals to use emojis in everyday conversations across a variety of platforms.

In fact, the PepsiMoji campaign connects with its target audience – the youth in Pakistan – by asking these individuals to further express their emotions. Already, the youth know how to express themselves using these emoji images through text messages and social media. Asking them to continue this with one of the most-popular soft drinks in the world is an easily translated task for the youthful individuals.

That’s evident in the video PepsiMoji used across the globe to kick-off #WOrldEmojiDay in July. The Facebook video is of a man who uses some common emoji symbols to propose to his girlfriend as she sits and eats with her friends. The video shows how easily the symbols can convey a message despite the language barriers across the globe.

In addition to Pakistan and Canada, the PepsiMoji campaign is planned for the United States and Thailand. A social media campaign associated with #SayItWithPepsi has brought some fun videos and playful pictures that combine catchy music to Twitter thus far. The good-humored emojis can also be conversation starters, a terrific opportunity for the company to capitalize on its marketing campaign.

While there is a vast array of images to choose from, more images could be introduced in the future. PepsiMoji has captured some of the locally-important aspects of the Pakistani culture with its release, an important aspect as it attempts to connect with the market. In addition to smiling faces, PepsiMoji has brought the musical aspect into the market, another venue that resonates with the youthful market the company is attempting to attract.

Which emojis make the most sense for PepsiMoji to introduce next? That’s a question only time and Pespi can answer. There is one thing for certain, however, and that is Pakistanis can’t wait to see the emoji bottles and cans hits their shelves in the immediate future.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Pepsi.