All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It’s a proverb which means that a person becomes dull and boring if he doesn’t get the time off from work. My life was going in the same direction but a week ago; I thought about organizing a picnic. My Uncle has a house in a certain society some 20 kilometers before Murree. Nobody lives there and the spot is not utilized as it should be. When I came to know about this, I had a brief chat session with my Uncle who nodded yes in my favor and approved the picnic plan for Saturday, 14th May 2016.

The next thing I did was to call each and every head of the family to have their participation confirmed for the grand party that I had planned. 7 families have approved the notion while 2 denied due to various reasons. The total number of people that are going to be a part of this grand picnic and massive party are whopping 42. My responsibility is just about to take care of everything. From managing food to fruits, collecting money to executing plans, from cylinder to tea arrangements, all is going to be managed by me.

In the meanwhile, I came to know today that Pepsi Pakistan has launched Pepsi party bottle which is bigger and better in size. Their new and giant-sized 2.5L #BariPepsi is certainly going to create a big impact in our lives especially in the roasting summer. Since Pepsi has come up with an altered marketing strategy, its primary agenda is to give something ‘extra’ that we always ask for during parties. With #BariPepsi, my life is surely going to become easier.

I have already prepared a to-be-purchased list for the grand party next weekend. Unsurprisingly, Pepsi topped the list since you cannot party, that too in the boiling summer, without a Pepsi. I planned to purchase 12 1.5L Pepsi bottles BUT now there some amendments in the strategy. #BariPepsi is absolutely going to fulfill my needs and now I have intended to buy 8 #BariPepsi bottles. I am so excited about it that I have already Whatsapped about this latest development to everyone that is going to be a part of extravaganza party. Guess what? They are super thrilled just like me.

I am extremely obliged to Pepsi that they have come up with #BariPepsi just at the right time. For bigger parties and gatherings, #BariPepsi is surely going to take care of your liquid needs. Pepsi is just about perfect when it comes to celebrations and I am impatiently and eagerly looking forward to grab my chicken BBQ plate with #BariPepsi.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Pepsi Pakistan.