I was recently a part of spectacular picnic where there was plenty of fun, plenty of water, plenty of food and plenty of soft drinks of various brands. Since I was the people manager at the event, my responsibility was to take care just about everything. When the lunch was served, everyone started to ask me ‘drink kidhar hai?’ (Where is the drink?) I assisted everyone in getting their drinks but I came across a shocker when a 17 year old cousin of mine and one of my Uncles said ‘7Up kidhar hai?’ (Where is 7Up) and ‘beta abb khanay k sath 7Up hee achee lagtee hai’ (Son, I now like to have 7Up with a meal) respectively while I offered them a Cola.

There I realized that the time has changed. No brand in particular is leading the market. However, there is some tough competition and sweet battle going on between the big giants. My perception about the 7Up drink was changed drastically. It is no more an oldie drink. 7Up has always lived up to its reputation of bringing something creative in the market. This time around, they brought a new #GreenLight among all the foodies in the form of 7Up. It is still the same refreshing and energizing drink but you can’t just resist yourself without having it with your future meals after witnessing their new TV Commercial.

The overall impression and the message that the advertisement gave was quite vivid and clear. It was all about food and the new #GreenLight i.e. 7Up. It showcased how any meal is just imperfect without a bottle of stirring and refreshing 7Up. The commercial was a perfect exhibition of how do people crave for their new #GreenLight, 7Up and it is now a very much part of their meals. Take a look at 7Up new TV commercial:

It was also exhibited that how individuals from two different occasions did not miss the opportunity to grab their 7Up bottles. Later they were shown with a sense of relief and relishing their meals with their new #GreenLight. The indication was to depict that it was beyond the imagination to even think about having your meals without a chilled bottle of 7Up. It did not even matter whether you are going to have ‘Anday Wala Burger’ or ‘Dumbbay ki Karahi,’ your new #GreenLight, 7Up is for all kind of food.

So next time when you are out with your friends or cherishing your meal solely, don’t forget to grab your #GreenLight for the meal. Furthermore, if you not a part of ‘Foodies R Us’ group on Facebook then become one sine 7Up has also started a competition on the group. Join the group now and be a part of an eventful setup.


DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by 7Up.