Congratulations to Pakistan and fans of the Spinners – worldwide! Pakistan will be facing either India or Aussies in India for the Semi Finals. Pakistan is just two games away from winning the ICC Cricket World Cup! Read on to find out how it happened.

The last time Windies were in Dhaka, their on-field performance was poor. Bangladesh left them in barely 30 overs of one-sided action. As the West Indies bus pulled out of the stadium it was pelted by rocks from Bangladeshis. They thought the defeated team was on board.

They came back to a venue not to their liking, but this time with tight security. The opportunity however, was alluring. West Indies have had a smooth run compared to other teams in Group B. Windies won games they were favored, with ease. Only the Irish gave them a scare. Defeats against England and India haven’t seemed to stifle their determination, despite underdog status.

Pakistan surpassed expectations to finish top of Group A. they ended Australia’s 34-match winning streak. The defeat to New Zealand left questions in the minds of fans, as to how powerful the Pakistani team really was.

West Indies chose to bat. Three changes for West Indies, one for Pakistan. Gayle, Chanderpaul and Roach come in for Edwards, Benn and Andre Russell. Saeed Ajmal will come in for Rehman. Fans seem to think Pak made the right decision, but question what Windies were thinking.

Pitch report by Wasim Akram is, “There is green grass and hint of moisture but team will bat first. The ball will keep slow and low in the second innings. So win toss and bat first.”

At 1:30 pm, local time, Waqar Younis said, “I am very happy. Beating Australia isn’t easy but the boys stuck to the task. The boys worked really hard. We know where we came from in the last year or two. You got to be sensible with how you bowl. Umar Gul has been very sensible. Wahab might be little wayward but the whole bunch, if you take the bowling unit, we have done a super job. The tracks in Sri Lanka haven’t been easy to bat; In India and Bangladesh it should get easier. All I am telling the boys is just to take one game at a time. One at a time. That’s how we started the tournament and that’s how we need to go forward.”

Smith sets the ball rolling in the first Quarter-final with a cracking square cut. It was short and outside. First batters, no runs. End of over one (four runs) West Indies 4/0.

At 1.1 we saw Hafeez to Gayle no run, no run. Shout for lbw. It came in with the arm and Gayle was late in picking it up. 1.5, finally FOUR! The first ball flighted. Gayle pounces immediately. Ball was off stump and dragged to wide midwicket boundary. End of over two (five runs) West Indies 9/0.

Gul to Smith with one run at 2.2, 2.3 and FOUR! Gayle rushed down, got outside the led, smashed up and over mid-off. Out on 2.5. Gul to Sarwan and no runs. End of three (five runs) West Indies 14/1. Hafeez to Smith one run on 3.4. Umpires discuss and the Bail is broken. At the end of over four there is one run and West Indies are 15/1.

By fifth over Windies were looking wobbly. It appears chaos was soon to follow. West Indies couldn’t seem to figure out that most Hafeez deliveries come in with the arm. Smith nailed front, middle – OUT! Bravo Out. End of over six West Indies are 16/3. 17/3 at end of over seven. One run for Sarwan at 7.3. By end of over nine it looked like Pakistan was going to repeat what it did to Australia!

Ten overs. 18 for three. A commentator mentions that Windies are ready to head to the locker room. One run at 10.5; Sarwan direct hit. End of over 12 (three runs). West Indies 22/3.  Chanderpaul leans forward to work length delivery to the one side. Ends up chipping it, but between midwicket and mid on. Sarwan gets one full, in length and on the pads. And another gorgeous shot. End of over 13 is at ten runs and West Indies are 32/3. No runs end of over 14. End of over 15 (four runs) West Indies 36/3. At drink break, it still appeared that only one team had arrived for the match.

Two runs in over 16, Chanderpaul and Sars. One for Chanderpaul in 18. End of over 18, 39/3. At least there is some action in over 19; five runs. Afridi to Sars, 2 runs, dropped clumsily by Gul. A hustle for Chanderpaul’s two runs. And one worked off the pads toward midwicket. Now 47/3. End of over 21 with three runs (50/3). One each for Chanderpaul and Sarwan for over 22.

By end of over 25 Windies were at 60/4. 25.1 Ajmal to Chanderpaul, SIX! Out of nowhere a slog sweep out of Mirpur. Tossed up outside off, Chanders goes down on a knee, dropkicks it over midwicket. Finally, a well timed shot.

Pollard out in 26.4. Thomas out. West Indies 70/6 at end of over 27. Ajmal to Sammy dropped by Younis at slip (27.1). Sammy 1 wide, then out. Maiden for over 30 and West Indies is at 74/8. Roach gets a four in over 31. Short, wide, and really fast. One more and he gets the run. And a run for Chanderpaul in over 31. Six total puts them at 80/8. One run in over 32. Three in the over to follow. Hafeez comes on in over 34, three runs. End of over 35 and West Indies are 90/8. No runs for Roach in over 36. One for Chanderpaul. Nine runs for Riaz in over 37, ending with 100/8.

Gul is back in over 38. Chanderpaul is up and one gets on the pads. One more for Chanderpaul and one for Roach. Roach’s is wide, slips down the leg side. Kamran dives to his left to stop it. End of over 39 (two runs) and the numbers are now 103/8. Three runs in over 41. Four for 42. Roach is out at 42.2. No runs for Rampaul. 43 ends in wicket maiden. Rampaul out again at 43.3.

West Indies won the toss, but nothing else went well for them. Stay tuned for more in the chase for the cup.