We all heard the news a couple of days back that Waqar Younis resigned as coach of the Pakistan Cricket team. I don’t know about you but it came as a surprise for me. With Afridi out, Misbah the captain and a plan for the twenty-fifteen cup I honestly thought that Waqar would stay at the helm till the next cup.

Waqar, became coach in March 2010 after our lovely tour in Australia, and his stint as coach couldn’t have been more turbulent. His term included the spot fixing controversy and the Zulqernain debacle, but there were also achievements like the team’s semi-final run at the world cup and the successful New Zealand tour. Waqar at his press conference also described his tenure as coach as a “rollercoaster” and claimed his side was shocked when they were told that he’ll be stepping down.

“I have tendered my resignation to the [Pakistan Cricket] board last week and the tour to Zimbabwe will be my last,” Waqar Younis said at a press conference in Karachi.

“Had everything in my personal life — that is, my wife’s health and my own — been all right, I would not have taken this decision. But I do not want to fail to do the job justice because of the personal problems on my mind.”

Umm…me thinks he has forgotten that his spat with Afridi went quite public J. In my opinion, Afridi’s clout pushed the former fast bowler out of the job.

Come on! Don’t tell me you don’t think Afridi doesn’t have any clout. Did you miss the “Chalo chalo airport chalo” bill boards? Why did Mr. Pathan tender a CONDITIONAL resignation then and a final one?

And the ultimate proof for my argument is that the day Waqar announced his resignation Afridi announced that he would love to come back into the team, BUT only when changes were made to the team management that satisfied HIM.

What else can we do for you sir? How about a change in the country’s management? Or how about we surround you with Qaddafi’s female guards? Get over yourself bro!

Wait, wait! Before you go out in search of me, read what he said yourself:

“My heart bleeds to play for Pakistan and I am dying to play for my country. I even wanted to go to Zimbabwe and hopefully at the right time I will make a comeback to the team,” he told a local TV channel.

“They need to bring in more sensible and good people into the team management and if that happens I will reconsider my decision to retire. I have been moved by the support shown to me by the people. I owe them a lot.”

Well I don’t mind him coming back to the team. He has emerged as an excellent bowler. The problem is how he’s staging his comeback… very sad actually. The public spats, resignations and more resignations and then a comeback. Haven’t we sacrificed enough for politics already?

Well for now major changes have already taken place in Pakistan’s team management with Intikhab Alam having been shown the door and Ijaz Ahmed being appointed as assistant coach for the Zimbabwe tour; but the PCB is yet to name a replacement for Waqar Younis.

These changes if anything are surely indicative that we might have our hot headed big hitting Pathan back in the game soon.