Did you know that Mohammad Aamer has previously indicated that he has no intention to challenge the 5 year ban imposed on him by the International Cricket Council? Why I ask, why? (*sniff, sniff*)

Everyone knows the Cinderella story of Muhammad Aamer: a young boy from a remote village of Pakistan shakes up the international world of cricket by his magnificent bowling. He is the youngest bowler to have taken 50 wickets. He was only 18 when he achieved this magnificent feat.

Unfortunately, he’s also famous for being one of three Pakistani players jailed for spot fixing. He was around 18-19 when he was convicted of taking money from bookies and in return willfully bowling two no-balls.

In a recent interview, which he gave after being released from jail early, he said  that he was tricked by Salman Butt into bowling the no-balls. He said he was naive and Salman Butt took full advantage of this fact to trap him. I saw that interview of his, and I must say he did sound convincing. Though, only God knows best.

Yes, we all know he made a mistake, but considering the fact that he was young and impressionable I believe his sentence should be shortened. He has already been out of cricket for two years and has also served a jail sentence. I truly believe he should be given a second chance. In fact it’s not just me, a lot of people hold the same view regarding Aamer’s comeback.

“We all want him to come back at some stage and I don’t know whether that’s… it’s going to be a challenge,” remarked Rahul Dravid.  “I hope he can do it; it would be great if he can.”

Just recently, Mohammad Aamer has also been encouraged by Zaka Ashraf, chairman of the PCB, to give up his previous stance and appeal against his five-year ban, indicating that Mr. Ashraf is also of the view that Aamer was tricked into bowling the two no-balls. In recent interviews Mr. Zaka said,

I think the five-year ban is too harsh and it is down to Amir if he wishes to appeal against that lengthy ban imposed upon him. I would suggest that he does appeal against the ban and I think the relevant body should take a lenient view given his age and the talent he possesses. ‘We should not let this young boy’s career be ruined, we should all try to help him and understand that he was trapped into getting involved in spot-fixing.”

I know there are people who want him and the other two accused players to be made examples of to all those who would even think of indulging in such a shameful act, and I get where these people are coming from. They brought shame to the sport and more over they shamed our country and disappointed their loving fans. Some people also argue that he is lying when he said that he was curious about why he was being asked his bank account number and gave it to find out what happens next. They say he was himself interested in fixing.

I agree that this point in his interview doesn’t make any sense but he has already accepted his mistake, has apologized and is serving his sentence. And in my opinion (yes, I know i keep repeating the same thing over and over again), considering the overall circumstances and the sentences he has already served out, all this should warrant some level of leniency and giving him another chance.

By the way, it may seem like I’m running a campaign for Mohammad Aamer but I’m not. It’s just that Pakistanis have very little to sing about these days, but cricket is one thing that the entire country loves and enjoys and Aamer was a real beacon of hope for us all. I don’t want this beacon to die out.

I can’t help it….. I love the kid!

(Image Courtesy of OnePakistan.com)