Polio is one of the most infectious viral diseases, which mainly affects young children. The life becomes too hard for such individuals and it gets almost impossible for people to spend their lives normally thereafter.

However, there are many personalities who despite being infected with polio, continue to spend their lives normally and try to make an impact through grit, determination and will. There is one such story of Lahore-based Naveed Butt, a polio infected Pakistani bodybuilder, who has brought couple of gold medals for Pakistan but he still waits for the accolades from the Government of Pakistan.

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Picture Credits: mqmusa.com

Naveed Butt, whose one leg is atrophied in childhood, trains hard every day at the gym to maintain an extraordinary fitness level that earned him couple of awards in 2013 and 2014.

After culminating with a gold medal at the 2013 International Natural Bodybuilding Association in the Physically Challenged – Wheelchair bodybuilding category in San Diego, California, Naveed Butt was ecstatic. He stated that:

“It was a tremendous feeling of fulfillment, when I achieved the feat with the name of Pakistan mentioned as the country of the winning bodybuilder in my category, it brought tears of joy in my eyes”

Physically challenged Naveed Butt also won a title for Pakistan in year 2014 when he won Mr. Olympia title for the country. He is currently preparing and working extremely hard for Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia titles that will be held in the US.


However, it is not easy for Naveed Butt to make both ends meet as there is no support from either Government or any Association even after winning number of titles for the country. Butt who pursued bodybuilding as the passion of his life, stated that:

“I spent all my money. I sold my motorbike, my bodybuilding club and also borrowed money from my brother to train, travel and enter into the competition. I have managed to defeat polio, and bring home the biggest title in body building, yet I have received no recognition”

To attain the attention of the Government, Naveed Butt also participated in 2013 General Election to cast his vote after climbing three floors in a hope that the newly-elected Government would do something for him and that at least his travel expenses will be taken care of but sadly he was left with despair. He said that:

“I voted, assuming that the new government would learn of my achievements, recognize and reach out to me but sadly no one has contacted me”

It would be great if any Association or Punjab Sports Board (PSB) contact and help Naveed Butt in pursuing his goals who continues to bring laurels for the country. By doing so, there is every possibility that Naveed Butt will become a role model in the country for all the physically challenged individuals, especially polio-affected kids.

Featured image credit: geo.tv