There was a time when corporate websites and intranets were all the rage.  It might seem as though I’m talking about a time way back in the past, but interestingly it was less than a decade ago.  Now, all anybody talks about when it comes to communicating, is social networks!

Social networking sites have changed the way people interact with each other in virtual space.  Even email is quickly losing its stature as the defcato medium for long distance communication.  It’s unimaginable for a lot of people to go a day without their daily Facebook fix.   This love affair with social networking is creating opportunities for business that wouldn’t have been possible even in the recent past.

While sites like Facebook have made communication much easier, many corporations see the ever increasing footprint of social networking in their employees’ lives as a problem.  They are trying to keep social networking out of the workplace.  This has stirred up a new wave of developments in the social networking domain.  Sites like Yammer and SocialCast are filling the need of real-time enterprise social networking and now a new site is on the scene: Convofy!

What is Convofy?

Convofy has been launched by Scrybe, an Adobe Systems and LMKR (Pakistani origin) funded company.  It is the next generation enterprise knowledge sharing and real-time collaboration tool that offers more than other contenders in this arena.  Convofy is an Adobe Air based desktop application  that offers scores of features like micro-blogging & status updates, unlim