It’s because of Google Android’s open source nature that applications become easy to access and download for users. If you know how to do coding, it’s even easier to share applications of unique nature for others. In this brief post, you’ll be able to understand the availability and amazing features of the top ten Android applications.

Unlike its rival Apple, Android makes applications and upgrading a lot more convenient and affordable. Here are ten Android applications that will make your smart phone a lot smarter! They are free to download and use. You don’t have to surf the entire internet to get one application for your phone. These ten might possibly make your phone just perfect.

Seesmic Application:

If you’re on the go and don’t have time to shuffle through windows and more windows of programs and networks, then you need Seesmic for your Android phone. This application offers a home screen widget which keeps you updated with the new tweets from Twitter and other networks. You just have to download it for your phone and you’re ready to tweet, update, share and stay connected with the world. An added feature of the Seesmic application is its suave, professional style of dealing with commands. Smooth, swift and efficient!

AppBrain Market Sync:

Initially it was impossible to transfer applications from your home PC to your Android, but then AppBrain Market Sync showed up and presto! It’s a lot easier now. It’s free. If you have an application on your PC that you wish to send to your Android phone then you need to get AppBrain Market Sync as soon as possible. It makes sharing much more desirable.

Sketch Online:

If you’re bored and your fingers are restless, there’s a chance you can doodle with other bored Android users online. Sketch Online is a free application that helps you draw, sketch or simply make silly little figures on your touch screen. Its beta version is free and downloadable. Why don’t you get it now and have some sketchy fun?!

Task Manager:

Conventional PC users will have problems with Android’s perpetually-present application mode. The absence of the cross in the window can be a little troublesome. So you need an application that can override the persistent presence of programs. For that, you need to download Task Manager that makes your smart phone a smaller, perhaps cuter version of a PC. It’s free and easy to install.

Google Maps Navigation:

When you’re out, you need direction. For this purpose, Google Maps Navigation application offers to help you find your way when you’re lost. It also calculates the route in the very beginning of your tour so that data transfer is minimal and no difficulty is faced during the trip even if the signals drop. It’s free, it’s easy to download. What more could you ask for?

Google Sky Map:

Are you interested in star navigation from the very comfort of your home? Download this free application called Google Sky Map that offers precise positions of the stars, using your phone’s orientation. You can take it out at night, lie down under the sky and gaze while your easy, nifty little application tells you everything you need to know about the wondrous sky above you.


Download this from the original producer’s website since it isn’t available in the market openly yet. Swype offers a riddance to the keyboard with the help of a touch screen keyboard. Now you can swipe your finger through the letters of keyboard according to the spellings e.g. put your finger at ‘C’, swipe it through the alphabets to ‘A’ and stop at ‘T’; you have just written ‘CAT’ by swiping your finger over the screen. How amazing is that? It’s for free, and it’s openly available on the maker’s main site.

Brain Genius Deluxe:

Now here is an application that offers exercise for the brain. With games that revolve around observation, memory, calculation and reasoning, Brain Genius Deluxe helps you sharpen your intellect and logic by offering easy games and even difficult ones for some intense mind sharpening.

Skyfire 2.0:

Here’s a media application that offers seamless streaming through YouTube and Flash content. It offers pinch to zoom, a choice between full desktop web pages and mobile optimized pages, anonymous browsing and multi-tab browsing and also helps you in choosing the kind of content you want to view. It’s better to use it on faster operating Androids.

RAC Traffic:

Who doesn’t hate traffic? RAC Traffic Android application offers news updates on traffic incidents. You can sit in your car and simply navigate through the application to receive heads up on incoming and outgoing traffic. It makes driving on the road and online a lot easier.