Other than the various adventures that the politics of the country seems to be constantly experiencing, Pakistan offers a good number of very cool sports that both locals and tourists are welcome to enjoy. These adventurous sports start from the very coasts of the country in the south, to the magnificent mountainous peaks in the north. The sights and experiences that one can experience are absolutely limitless!


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Most Pakistanis are well aware of the safari parks in all the major cities and are sadly not too thrilled with what they have to offer. What most people aren’t aware of are the other safaris that the country offers such as the Indus Boat Safari, Jeep Safari’s into the deserts and mountains, or even a helicopter safari into the glaciers. A boat trip from Islamabad to Karachi has to be one of the most unique ways to experience the wildlife and cultures of the country! And what better way to experience the thrill of the monumental glaciers than to fly over them in a helicopter and to be able to hike in places other people never get to see.


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Parasailing in Pakistan? Most definitely! This is no longer a bold sport just for the elite or highly adventurous. With more and more local clubs who are actually well organized and safely equipped, this breathtaking sport can now be enjoyed by the average person. A well known club ‘The Gliding Club of Pakistan’ offers information, gear and advice on how to get the most out of your parasailing experience. So strap on your parachute and get ready to fly because this is the latest activity for everyone to experience!





White Water Rafting

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With weather that supports year round white water rafting and numerous locations to choose from, this is another sport that should not be missed. The Swat River is a favorite for regular enthusiasts, and the Chitral, Indus, and Chenab Rivers are also good choices. When selecting a tour guide to go on a white water rafting trip, make sure to check out their safety facilities since the rivers can suddenly become rough. Don’t be intimidated to ask questions and see the equipment yourself before selecting the group you would like to go with. Remember, safety first!



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Most people would not consider camping in Pakistan due to multiple reasons, but if you hook up with a well known organization or group it can be a very exciting experience. There are multiple options for camping in the country which include both traditional tent style camping or opting for a more elaborate setup involving a cabin. There are even Service Trips provided by some of the organizers, which allow you to get involved in preserving historic sites or building trails for other campers!


Places to Start

Choosing the right group to start with involves reliability, safety and a variety of sports to choose from. Here are a few of the better established and recognized organizations who can take you on the excursion that you like. Once again, make sure that you are comfortable with all the facilities provided and the safety precautions that they take.

Adventure Pakistan: An organization which offers expeditions, treks and tours throughout the country

Wilderness Pakistan: A group which offers camping, hiking & trekking, riding, mountain biking and much more!

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation: The tourism body of the Ministry of Tourism has many reliable hotels and guest houses in nearly all of the tourist spots of the country.