Motels in Murree and other northern areas of Pakistan are in massive demand from the start of the summer. Subsequently, PTDC Motels are earning huge profits since the start of the summer season this year.

The summer and winter seasons attract a lot of visitors in the northern parts of Pakistan. This time it is no different as the Motels are booked by tourists. There has been an enormous rise in the number of tourists since most of the people like to enjoy summer holidays in destinations like Murree, Ayubia, Nathiagali, Swat Valley, Naraan, Kaghaan and other northern areas.

While talking to Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), the official of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Mukhtar Ali stated:

“PTDC is analyzing the trend of the tourism and at the end of the season a detaiedl report would be issued for bringing further improvement in the sector”

Swat Valley witnessed number of tourists

Among the spots, Swat Valley witnessed an incredible increase in the number of tourists this year. One of the officials of PTDC Motels admitted that they encountered problems in entertaining in tourists this year. Due to excessive demand from the vacationers, PTDC Motels could not cater everyone during the season.

The official further stated that after a long period of time Swat Valley observed escalation in the number of tourists. Moreover, he said that PTDC Motels in other regions are witnessing the same response.

Kalam was one of the top-visited places in the current season, according to the official of PTDC Motels. He added that Kalam had all the elements to be termed as Pakistan’s top tourist spot.

PTDC has a chain of 39 motels and 3 restaurants for tourists. All of them provide top-notch facilities to both domestic and foreign nationals. The reason the numbers have increased from the previous years is improved law and order situation in the country.

Do you think these figures will continue to improve in the future?

Source: The News