Bird watching is a recreational past-time for some and a serious hobby for others. Along with hosting some of these nature enthusiasts, Pakistan also has the perfect locations for their activities. While there are a number of sites perfect for bird-watching both resident and migratory species, some of the more prominent sites are:

1. Kinjhar Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in Thatta District, Sindh.

2. Kirthar National Park

Situated in the Kirthar range mountains in Karachi and Jamshoro District in Sindh.

3. Haleji Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

 It is Asia’s largest bird sanctuary and located in Thatta District, Sindh.

4. Uchhali Complex

Located in Khushab District, Punjab, and includes three lakes: Khabikki Lake, Uchhali Lake and Jahlar Lake.

5. Chashma Barrage Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Mianwali District, Punjab.

6. Jiwani Coastal Wetland

Located in Balochistan.

7. Margalla Hills National Park

 Located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Islamabad.

8. Rawal Lake

Located within a section of the Margalla Hills National Park.

9. Cholistan Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Punjab.

10. Tanda Dam Wildlife Reserve

Located in Kohat district, KPK.

11. Hadero Lake

Located in Thatta District, Sindh.

12. Hingol National Park

It is the largest National Park in Pakistan and located in Balochistan.

13. Deosai National Park

Located in Skardu district, Gilgit-Baltistan.