Is our media really unbiased?

Are the news reporters and journalists who we look towards to find out what is happening in our beloved homeland really presenting a factual and objective picture?  Or are there hidden puppet masters in the background with their own personal agendas who control what we watch in order to manipulate our emotions in order to reach their own secret goals?

Knowing who owns the media outlets can help us form an opinion.  Here we present a list of Pakistani Television channels along with their owners…

S. No. Channel Name  Genre  Language  Owned By
1 8XM Music Urdu APNA TV Channel (Pvt.) Ltd
2 A TV Entertainment Urdu Sports Star International (Pvt.) Ltd
3 A Plus Entertainment Urdu Sports Star International (Pvt.) Ltd
4 Aag TV Youth Urdu Independent Media Corporation (Jang Group)
5 Aaj News News Urdu Business Recorder Media Group
6 AbbTak Entertainment Urdu APNA TV Channel (Pvt.) Ltd
7 AJK TV Entertainment Kashmiri/Pothohari Pakistan Television Corporation
8 AKS TV Entertainment Urdu
9 ALite Miscellaneous Urdu Fun Infotainment Network (Pvt.) Ltd
10 Aman TV Miscellaneous Urdu SunBiz (Pvt.) Ltd
11 APNA News News Urdu Apna Network
12 ARY Digital Entertainment Urdu ARY Communications
13 ARY Musik Music Urdu ARY Communications
14 ARY News News Urdu ARY Communications
15 ARY Qtv Religious Urdu ARY Communications
16 ARY Zauq Food Urdu ARY Communications
17 ATV Entertainment Urdu Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Co. and SSI Communications
18 AVT Khyber Entertainment Pashto Kamran Raja
19 Awaz TV Entertainment Sindhi Sikandar Jatoi
20 AXN Pakistan Entertainment English Sony Pictures Entertainment
21 Azan TV Religious Urdu
22 BBC World News South Asia News English BBC Worldwide
23 Business Plus Business Urdu Times Media Group
24 Capital TV Miscellaneous Urdu HB Media (Pvt.) Ltd
25 Cartoon Network Pakistan Children English Turner International Pakistan
26 Channel 5 News Urdu Interact (Pvt.) Ltd
27 City 42 Metropolitan Urdu City News Network (Pvt.) Ltd
28 CNBC News News Urdu Vision Networks TV Limited
29 CNBC Pakistan News English Vision Networks TV Limited
30 CNN International South Asia News English Turner International Pakistan and Turner International India
31 Dawn News News Urdu Aurora Broadcasting Services
32 Dharti TV Entertainment Sindhi Mehran TV (Pvt.) Ltd
33 Dhoom TV Entertainment Urdu Dhoom Television Network (Pvt.) Ltd.
34 Din News News Urdu Fortune Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd
35 Dunya TV News News Urdu National Communications Services (SMC-Pvt)
36 Dunya TV Entertainment Entertainment Urdu National Communications Services (SMC-Pvt)
37 ESPN Pakistan Sports English Star TV & FOX
38 Express 24/7 News English Lakson Group
39 Express News News Urdu Lakson Group
40 Express Entertainment Entertainment Urdu Lakson Group
41 Film World Movies Urdu Leo Communications
42 Filmax Movies English Leo Communications
43 Filmazia Movies Urdu Leo Communications
44 Geo News News Urdu Independent Media Corporation (Jang Group)
45 Geo Super Sports Urdu Independent Media Corporation (Jang Group)
46 Geo TV Entertainment Urdu Independent Media Corporation (Jang Group)
47 HBO Pakistan Entertainment English ARY Digital Network and Turner International Pakistan
48 Health TV Miscellaneous Urdu Ziauddin Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.
49 Hum TV Entertainment Urdu Eye TV Limited
50 Indus Music Music Urdu Indus TV Network
51 Indus News News Urdu Indus TV Network
52 Indus Vision Entertainment Urdu Indus TV Network
53 Jalwa Miscellaneous Urdu APNA TV Channel (Pvt.) Ltd
54 Kashish TV Entertainment Sindhi Kawish TV Network
55 Kashish TV Music Urdu Kawish TV Network
56 Kay2 TV Youth Urdu
57 Khyber News News Pashto Kamran Raja
58 Kohenoor TV Miscellaneous Urdu Ariel Broadcasting Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
59 Kook TV Miscellaneous Saraiki
60 KTN Entertainment Sindhi Kawish TV Network
61 KTN News News Sindhi Kawish TV Network
62 Labbaik TV Religious Urdu AKS Communication Private Limited
63 Madani Channel Religious Urdu Dawat-e-Islami
64 Masala TV Food Urdu Eye TV Limited
65 Mashriq TV Entertainment Urdu Divine Intervention (Pvt.) Ldt
66 Mehran TV Entertainment Sindhi Indus Link Media Communications (Pvt) Ltd
67 Metro One Metropolitan Urdu Multi Plus Corporation (Pvt) Ltd
68 Musik Music Urdu ARY Communications
69 News One News Urdu Air Waves Media (Pvt.) Ltd
70 Nickelodeon Pakistan Children English ARY Digital Network and Viacom
71 Oxygene Music Urdu Classic Entertainment (Pvt.) Ltd
72 Oye TV Music Urdu Eye TV Limited
73 Oye TV Youth Urdu Eye TV Limited
74 Peace TV Religious Urdu Islamic Research Foundation
75 Play TV Music Urdu Seven Media Network (Pvt.) Ltd.
76 PTV Bolan Entertainment Balochi Pakistan Television Corporation
77 PTV Global Entertainment Urdu Pakistan Television Corporation
78 PTV Home Entertainment Urdu Pakistan Television Corporation
79 PTV National Entertainment Urdu Pakistan Television Corporation
80 PTV News News Urdu Pakistan Television Corporation
81 Punjab TV Entertainment Punjabi IRIS Communications (Pvt.) Ltd
82 Q TV Religious Urdu ARY Communications
83 Ravi TV Miscellaneous Seraiki Top End Network
84 Rohi TV Miscellaneous Saraiki Jahangir Khan Tareen
85 Royal News News Urdu Royal Media Network (Pvt.) Ltd
86 Rung TV Miscellaneous Urdu
87 SabzBaat TV Entertainment Balochi East Films (Pvt.) Ltd
88 SAMAA TV News Urdu Jaag Broadcasting Systems Pvt. Ltd
89 Shamal TV Entertainment Hindko
90 Silver Screen Movies Urdu
91 Sindh TV Entertainment Sindhi Dolphin Media (Pvt.) Ltd
92 Sindh TV News News Sindhi Dolphin Media (Pvt.) Ltd
93 Sohni Dharti Agriculture Urdu Tilton (Pvt.) Ltd
94 Starlite Movies Urdu
95 Sun Biz Miscellaneous Urdu
96 Ten Sports Sports English Taj TV
97 TV One Entertainment Urdu Air Waves Media (Pvt.) Ltd
98 TVOne Global Entertainment Urdu Interflow
99 Urdu 1 Entertainment Urdu Horizon Media
100 Value TV Miscellaneous Urdu Central Media Network (Pvt.) Ltd
101 Vibe TV Lifestyle and Fashion Urdu
102 VTV-1 Education Urdu Virtual University
103 VTV-2 Education Virtual University
104 VTV-3 Education Virtual University
105 VTV-4 Education Virtual University
106 VSH News News Balochi Visionary Group
107 Waqt TV Entertainment Urdu Nidai Millat (Pvt.) Ltd
108 Waqt News News Urdu Nawa-e-Waqt Group
109 Waseeb TV Entertainment Saraiki Airwaves Media Group
110 WB Channel Pakistan Entertainment English Turner International Pakistan
111 ZAM Television Network Entertainment Urdu Zam Television Network (Pvt.) Ltd
112 Zaiqa Food Urdu Total Media Limited

Photo Credit: amira_a via Compfight cc