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Answer: hopes to encourage, motivate, and inspire Pakistanis. We hope you enjoy what you see, give us feedback on what you’d like to see, and share this site with others.

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Answer: was founded by Hasan Saleem who is a seasoned Web professional with experience in planning, launching, and operating successful Web-based ventures.

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Answer: came to be in 2011 primarily to highlight positive news. We want to create awareness of the economic growth, vitality, and strengths of this great land. Pakistan natives, current residents, and those interested in Pakistan affairs will enjoy our site.

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Answer: Apart from offering the articles, news, photos and videos from Pakistan, we also offer online coaching to people who wants to make money online through the constructive use of the Internet. There are a few sections on the site that can guide anyone to start a venture online. Below are the links to those sections/categories:

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Answer: All the content on the site is copyrighted and owns it. In no way can anyone copy, reproduce or re-publish the content on this site without the prior permission of the site owner.

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