10 Great Books on Pakistan’s History

This is not a list of ‘top 10’ or ‘must read’ books about Pakistan in the traditional sense.  Rather, it’s a collection of titles that present a wide range of perspectives about a country that has a complex past and, to put it mildly, a confusing present.  It covers topics that include everything from the history behind the creation of Pakistan, to the man who led the movement, to a

Moving Beyond Mainstream Books: How to Find Great Indie Authors

For every great author you see heavily promoted through a publisher, there are countless other wonderful writers who never land a publishing deal. For some that’s entirely by choice — it’s a business decision. Others give up on trying to land an agent or publisher and decide to go solo as a result. If you’re looking for something new to read in your favorite genre, indie authors might have just

20 Banned Books of 2010

Before jumping into this, it’s important to note that a “banned” book is often just a challenged book. In library lingo, this means a parent (usually) or a concerned citizen has filled out a request to have a particular book reviewed and then pulled from the shelves. Most often, a library or book store has a criteria used for selecting works and when a book is challenged, the librarian checks