Petition filed in Lahore High Court to ban Indian movies until Kashmir issue is resolved

Advocate Ishtiaq Ahmed Chaudhry has filed a petition in Lahore High Court (LHC), asking the court to prohibit Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas until Kashmir issue is completely resolved. According to the sources, the appeal filed by the advocate maintains the stance of barbarism in occupied Kashmir. The Indian forces are continuing to oppress Kashmiris with their brutality while the cinemas in Pakistani are busy in promoting and screening Indian

Chinese Film makers looking for Joint Ventures with Pakistan

Perhaps the revival of Pakistani Cinema has caught the eye of not only local investors and entrepreneurs but has also created some uproar in the neighboring countries as well. China, being popular for its huge potential in the consumer market has also opened doors for the entertainment industry where Chinese Filmmakers are looking to set up alliances with their Pakistani counterparts. There has been substantial injection of money in Pakistani

Revival of Film Industry with Obscenity or Substance?

There is a deliberate attempt to destroy the very definition of Art in Pakistan by certain Filmmakers who are mainly concerned with commercial interest and what is more absurd is that they call it a revival of Pakistani Cinema. No disrespect is intended towards the new generation of Pakistani filmmakers who are sincerely giving their best to pull our industry out from the crisis. They are the future and their

Novaira Maqsood Can Give You Wings and Mir Zafar Ali Can Freeze You!

Since the start of this war on terror, all we hear about is the terrorists that Pakistan breeds. All over the world, Pakistan has been branded as a hub for terrorist and terrorism. It is very unfortunate, but that’s the truth. It is especially unfortunate because we all know that there are Pakistanis who are talented and leaving a mark on the world stage. This post is dedicated to two

Has Pakistani Cinema Finally Been Revived?

It has finally happened. Pakistani film makers have woken up to the new century and are taking charge of the industry. First it was the drama industry that saw a turn around and now it’s our film industry. There are skeptics that say these few films which are coming out, and the couple that have succeeded, are just a flash in the pan but I am not one of them.

Pakistan Cannot be Recreated in India Even in a Film for Right-Wing Hindus

After almost a decade of terrorizing Americans with the notorious destruction of the World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers and constant threat of violence on American homeland with various suicide attacks, Osama bin Laden was bound to be a pester for any state to own his responsibility. Pakistan was unfortunate in this case too. The Saudis disowned him and the Muslims all around the world began to hate him for creating

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s First Oscar Win for Pakistan is not Good for Some Skeptics

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy created a stir when she got nominated in the Best Documentary Short Subject at the 84th Academy Awards for her film Saving Face, which she co-directed with an American filmmaker Daniel Junge. It was an honour in itself to be considered worthy of competing. Not only are the Oscars the highest honour in filmmaking in America, but considered to be so around the world too. Straight after her win, congratulatory

Ali Zafar’s Filmfare Performance Edited Out of the TV Broadcast: Is India Hesitant to Highlight Pakistani Talent?

Recently, the 57th Idea Filmfare Awards were held in Mumbai’s Reliance MediaWorks Studios on January 29, 2012, Sunday, where all of Bollywood’s glamour and glitterati were present to receive and give praise to each other’s work of the past whole year. Invited to the ceremony were major celebrities as it is considered to be the ‘mother of all awards’ in the Indian film industry. To make an impact a lot

Fatima: A Modern-day Portrayal

Ever wondered how a Pakistani historical figure would fare as a contemporary leader? It seems like the makers of Fatima did, as they bring out a Feature film visualizing the return of the Madr-e-Millat to the political scene of the Country in the year 2012. Driven by a desire to make his debut in Pakistan’s struggling Film Industry with an issue-based film, the Cannes Film Festival Nominee and International Award